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Moving house is one of the most stressful and expensive things we can do in the UK, with consumers seemingly powerless to change the status quo, but now there is a different way.

Moving Soon is the brainchild of businessman and entrepreneur Paul Malone, who has devised the website to fill the gap in the market that currently exists between estate agents’ websites and property listings. Acting as a one-stop shop for moving home the site has two key offerings.

The first is property listings. He says: “Most people still rely on estate agents but the reality is many could do it themselves. It’s all about people power. Ultimately the site will be driven by the customer – they are the reason it will exist. I want people to understand that this is a property website designed for them, that they create. It’s also about a mind shift, persuading people that they can do it themselves.”

The second is their moving home services. He added: “We offer a range of services including removals quotes, house cleaning and declutter help as well as free moving checklists. Again it’s about individual choice. So you can choose to use either some or all of our services. So whatever you need when moving home we are here to help ensure it’s a smooth move.”

Moving Soon is currently being used by individuals and large housing providers listing their own property for sale or rent. The launch of movingsoon.co.uk  places the control firmly back in the hands of the customer by enabling them to quickly, easily and affordably create their own listings. But this is far more than just a property listings website. A behind-the-scenes team of property experts will be available to help users if required.

Initially the focus is on the Wirral, Cheshire and Merseyside. However, as mentioned earlier it’s all about people power. Malone said: “The business is geared up to expand and grow. If we get requests from people to operate in other areas, providing the demand is there we’ll look at it.”

It will be marketed using local press, advertising and PR as well as social media sites including facebook and twitter to create a viral campaign grounded upon positive word of mouth. The concept will then be rolled out region by region and be developed according to customer feedback.

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