Are you making good use of your housing database?

Housing Associations are at the forefront when it comes to helping create homes for Britain. Social housing, as it’s also known as, is no longer just about helping those who aren’t in work find a new home. So are you making good use of your existing housing database to help people move from rented to a part ownership home?

Housing Associations playing their part building homes for Britain

More and more Housing Associations across the UK are offering their homes for rent to those in low paid employment. The credit crunch hit the market hard. It’s only now we can see the impact it had. For example, the Huncoat brick making yard in Accrington closed in 2008. It only just re-opened earlier this year. So well over 6 years of stagnation. Brick making is now back in fashion. So is the need to start building more homes for Britain which is where the Housing Associations play their part.

Finding Shared Ownership opportunities within your existing housing database

It’s not just a case of building new homes that will be affordable rentals. Some of these will also be Shared Ownership. An opportunity for people to get on the property ladder with a part buy part rent option. One of the great selling points of this model is that you don’t have to save for a big deposit, meaning you’ve more chance to own an home, at least part of it anyway, earlier than you may have thought.

It’s cost effective if you can use your existing housing database to find your future home owners

We always say to our clients that if they make good use of their housing database then it may be a more cost effective proposition to getting would be Shared Ownership or Rent to Buy prospects. Why? Well, do you know how many of your existing tenants are in work? Have you proactively found out if they may consider buying in the future? Have you explained about what Shared Ownership is without the jargon? It may be a case of marketing these homes to those in existing tenancies in the first instance.

There are so many opportunities for Housing Associations to find Shared Ownership targets within their existing rentals. It’s about asking the right questions and making sure you are there to help when current tenants consider the leap into the home ownership marketplace.

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