Decluttering your home before it is put up for sale

Declutter your homeDecluttering your home should be high on your to do list if you are looking to sell.  Getting rid of clutter not only frees up space, but can also make you feel invigorated!   This applies whether you live in Cheshire, Wirral, Liverpool, other areas of Merseyside or any part of the UK.  It is important you are organised in your approach when decluttering your house.

Decluttering your home gives you the feel good factor

As I have said like many steps in the home moving process it’s all about planning.  So you are going to be decluttering your home, what does that mean?  It’s generally means having a good sort out!  Even if you are not moving soon it’s always a good idea to plan in decluttering tasks.  Not only does it free up some space, but it’s a definite feel good factor once it’s done.  I always feel better once I’ve got rid of things I don’t use anymore.  You can even get some professional help to declutter your house either before or after you have moved.

Decluttering your home is one of the tasks you will undertake if you decide to use a home staging service.  It is important to plan the decluttering tasks you are going to undertake.  Once you have decided what to do make sure you have a clear strategy on how this can be achieved.  Below are ten useful tips that you can use to declutter your home.

Ten tips when decluttering your home

1.  Use one room as the base for all the items you are going to be getting rid of and create separate areas.  For example you could have a pile for charity, another corner for stuff to sell and one for rubbish.

2.  Make sure you only declutter a room at a time.  Depending on your strategy it could be the bedrooms first, followed by the lounge and so on.

3.  Sort out your furniture and clothes and add those items to your declutter room where you are going to either give them to charity, sell them or bin them.

4.  When decluttering your home make good use of existing storage space that exists in your property.

5.  Invest in storage containers or boxes if you don’t have enough.

6.  Consider using local home clearance businesses to sell your items of furniture.  Alternatively consider selling the furniture yourself by either posting local adverts in shops or using classifieds in local papers or online.  Or even add them to somewhere like eBay.

7.  Get a shredder and get rid of those old statements or bills and take them off to the tip with all the other rubbish you are throwing out.

8.  Identify local charities you would like to donate to.  Some may even be able to pick it up.

9.  Don’t rush.  Make sure you do it right so make sure you plan enough time whether you are decluttering your home or are only tackling one or a few rooms.

10.  Use your new-found space effectively and enjoy it!

Decluttering your home should be repeated regularly

Decluttering your home not only prepares you for selling, but it also gives you that feel good factor.  It is something you should look to  do on a regular basis.  This not only helps you manage your space more effectively, but also ensures you are prepared should you consider putting it on the market. Decluttering your home is in our top ten tips what to do when moving!

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