If finding a home is causing you some nightmares you wouldn’t be alone.  The horror of saving deposits and the thought of house prices that are creeping up and up.  If moving troubles are keeping you awake at night, maybe we can help? As experts in all things affordable when it comes to renting and home ownership, we can provide some helpful tips.  At MovingSoon, we promise there are no tricks, only treats.

More than one way to skin a cat

That sounds a bit ghoulish doesn’t it! But the phrase is apt.  There are more ways to buy or rent a home these days than simply saving up for deposits for half of your lifetime.  UK housing is amongst the top of the government agenda. This means that there are various schemes to help people move.

We have written about the various schemes and routes to accessing a home.  Rather than make you wade through them all here, we have listed the links to each relevant page below. You can read up on the help available and and even start searching for your next home today.

For renters:

For buyers:

Turn frightful into fruitful

If you can’t find the property you need right now, you can always sign up to our Property Alerts.  Simply register for an account and select your preferences.  Then, when the fright (sorry, right!) property comes along we will get in touch.

Hopefully by next Halloween you will be settled into a suitable home and no longer being spooked by house horrors.  Well, unless your new home is haunted that is! Mwa ha ha haaaaaaaa.

Happy Halloween and happy house hunting from MovingSoon.