Get real people testing your property ads for high impact results

Have you thought about getting real people testing that your property ads work and making sure they are delivering high impact results? It may be something to consider when you get enquiries.

User testing to understand the customer experience

We have real people testing our website regularly to to make sure we understand what our clients want. We also get real people testing it from an end user perspective. Currently we have housing associations in Merseyside, Cheshire, Greater Manchester and Lancashire who list their readily available properties for rent via our website. By getting real people testing the look and feel of our website and getting feedback we ensure that we are able to offer them a simple and easy to use interface to upload their properties. However, that’s not the end of the story. We are constantly innovating to make the process smoother as well as adding value for our clients and customers. This is the first part of user testing.

The next part is getting people to test the usability from a customer experience perspective. Do they find our website easy to navigate? What changes would they like us to make that would make it more appealing and improve the conversion rates? This is important for us as well as our clients. They need to be sure that end users, the people using the website and potentially their customers, find it easy to search for properties as well as submit enquiries.

Get real people testing your property adverts for high impact results

Get real people testing your property ads for high impact resultsSo how can you test once you have received an enquiry. Well, if you are a letting agent, housing association or a large private landlord you can start by asking members of your team or others in your organisation what they think of your property advert. Is it appealing? Would they be interested in finding out more about the property you are advertising? What would they suggest you change on the advert to make it better? You could also try getting information from people who have submitted enquiries. What made them ask for more details? Was it the photos of the property? Was it the incentives that you highlighted in the property ad? Or was it the property description in general? All this is really useful information to help you get better property adverts that give you a better conversion rate and return on investment.


Have clear objectives before you get real people testing your property ads

There are so many questions you could ask. However, it is important that you have an objective in mind before asking the questions. What is it you want to know? Is it the quality of the images you are displaying with your property adverts? Is it the content? Or is it the layout? It may be that you have many objectives. If this is the case then it is worthwhile asking different questions for each objective so you can better understand the responses you receive and make the necessary adjustments.

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