It can be easy to neglect the bathroom when designing your dream house. Although you will use the bathroom as much as any other room in your home, it is still the most neglected room for fancy renovations. Your bathroom doesn’t have to be treated like this, it should be a place which is fresh and clean!

Your bathroom is less likely to be seen (or judged!) by guests as much as socialising rooms like the living room and kitchen. As a result, feel free to design your bathroom in a way which suits you best! Provided you have permission from your landlord, the bathroom can be decorated in any manner you desire; this blog will aim to provide you with inspiration for creating the most comfortable room possible!


As mentioned earlier in this blog series (view here if you haven’t read it already!), try not judge a potential property based solely on its current cosmetic features. You will always have opportunities to turn your rental property into your dream home; many of which don’t have to break the bank!

Always check your tenancy agreement and discuss any changes with your landlord so you can avoid the common horror stories of tenants never seeing their deposit again. If you do the job well and the property is in an appealing state for future tenants, landlords will likely be in favour of nice changes. You could even be saving them a future job!

Removing the Clutter with Clever Storage

Regardless of how big or small your main bathroom is, it is likely that large portions of your free ‘space’ are cluttered. This clutter could be anything from shampoo to spare toilet rolls; all necessary items but not exactly decorative in appearance! By adding some clever storage around the bathroom, you can hide these items away from immediate view. Storage doesn’t always have to be expensive too, B&M and Ikea have some great options available so there is something there to suit everyone.

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Not only does removing the clutter from your bathroom improve the aesthetic, but it also provides you with some organisation opportunities so you can see when you have run out of anything!

Dreary Splashback or Flooring? Hello, Sticky Vinyl Tiles!

It may be that the current tiles have seen better days or you simply just aren’t a fan of the design or colour. Replacing them is a huge process which may not only be expensive, but restricted by your tenancy agreement – but fear not! There is an alternative. Vinyl tile stickers are a cost-effective solution which is easily available for you. These stickers are a perfect way for you to add a splash of colour and make your bathroom design suit your personality. Make sure you find some waterproof options to ensure complete protection against constant moisture.

Tip: It is important to ensure your stick on tiles are easily removable and do not damage the walls or floor. It is a handy idea to browse customer reviews online for feedback from others to get a true perspective. You can also use small and discreet trial areas to confirm they are suitable.

Freshen up Stale Air with Some Humid-Friendly Plants

House plants are increasingly becoming a decorative feature to add life to any room; as discussed in our blog for renovating your living room. House plants don’t have to be expensive, Dobbies and Ikea have a great range of both real and fake options of various sizes and colours so there is something available for everyone!

Typically, fake plants (like those at Ikea) are the cheapest. These fake plants have all the aesthetic benefits but with lower costs and maintenance. You should, however, consider the benefits which real plants can provide to any room. Indoor plants will also add new life to rooms by improving the air quality (find out more about the benefits of real plants here.) Bathrooms are typically hot and humid rooms with limited ventilation so houseplants can actually improve the air quality and maintenance of the room as a whole!

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Tip: Remember, if you are buying real plants make sure you check where they need to be located and if they need direct sunlight. Also, ensure shower-based plants are away from your soap!

Using Textile Patterns to Add Some Life

It can be difficult to add personality to a bathroom if you are not willing to change the flooring or there is no room on the walls to add artwork. If this is the problem you are facing then maybe it is time to focus on what you can change. In this case, consider the main items you notice when walking into any bathroom; the shower curtain and the bath mat/rug on the floor. These items are, in most cases, a staple for every bathroom, therefore they offer a perfect opportunity to add touches of your own personality!

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As represented, a colourful or vibrant shower curtain can add the perfect splash of colour to a room. Ikea has various options available with different colours and designs for low prices so you can decorate your bathroom in any way which suits you! As always, be careful when making any changes like this to ensure you can avoid any DIY headaches which could cause you trouble at the end of your tenancy.