So, how important are the images/photos when you are advertising property for sale or rent? Images are probably the most important thing on a property advert, an image is what really sells a property. This is why it is so important to have good interior and exterior images on your property advert. This is the case with both rental properties and sale properties.

How can housing providers ensure they have good quality photographs of properties?

This can all be dependent on which types of properties they are. If they are Shared Ownership new build properties, the likelihood is that they will have been professionally photographed. This is great news for the housing provider as they will have high quality photos of a brand new home. These may look more appealing than a shared ownership resale or a rental property as they are a blank canvas. If you are adding a rental or Shared Ownership resale property, you should ensure that you have good pictures for these. You could do this by taking the pictures on a bright sunny day so it looks more appealing. You could also try and make the space look bigger by removing clutter.

Sometimes, potential homebuyers/tenants can be put off by how a property has been decorated by current owners that they can’t see the bigger picture. The worse the images, typically the longer the property remains on the market. This is because if the home does not look desirable then it would take longer to sell.

You should try to have at least one picture of each room and the outside so that the advert shows the whole property, not just small bits. This is so the viewer has all the images of the home before they make a viewing. Obviously if getting pictures of each room is not possible then whatever ones you can get will be sufficient. At the very least have a good photograph of the exterior.

Should I include a floorplan?

Yes if possible. We’ve asked this a few times and most people come back saying they find a floor plan very important. A floor plan describes the home without there even having to be any words in the advert. This may save admin time as it will show each room size and so a potential person wanting to view could see if this is a suitable property before viewing.

There is a designated area on our property adverts where you can add the floorplan to the listing.

What else will improve my advertised property listing?

There are many other ways that you can improve your property listings. These could include;

Ensuring you have local information – You should include a brief description of the local area. This could include local landmarks, schools, shops, dentists and doctors etc. This will give the viewer an insiht into the local area and could help them to be swayed to enquire about the property.

Clear organised information – You should make sure that all the details are there so that you can save on admin by having information readily available. This will stop people enquiring about information that should be in the description. For example, the rent and any other costs. You should also include the EPC chart so that people have all the information available to them.

Making sure you have a good property advert is key in selling/letting your property. If you follow these steps, your advert will be looking great in no time.