Who uses coworking spaces?

That’s a good question.  Well, first of all, we do!

Coworking has been great for an SME like MovingSoon who needed an affordable office space to work and grow.

Because we work in a coworking space (we started on hot desks and now have an office in a coworking environment) we know how it works.  We have observed the successes and failures and we have noticed that whilst the small office spaces seem to get filled fast, the hot desks do not.

We have also done our research and found that coworking is not always in a revamped old warehouse or purpose built sites.  You can now find coworking space church halls, village halls, community centres and hubs. Coworking space is allowing them to create a use for their spare halls and rooms. Ingenious really and for many locals this saves a daily commute.

MovingSoon can fill your coworking space

Specialising in all things affordable, we are predominantly a site for affordable and social housing.  However, we have been doing our homework and tested the traffic for coworking spaces advertised on our site.

And you know what?  It was a success. People found coworking spaces on our platform and applied.   

Now we know that our site can deliver leads and fill hotdesks, we are ready to open our offering.

Try us out – for free and list your coworking space now!

We are inviting coworking space and hot desk providers to advertise on our site.  As we’ve mentioned above it doesn’t matter if your coworking space is in a village hall, church hall, community centre, old warehouse or a purpose built office. Because we are still building an audience for this sector we are not going to charge you for the remainder of 2019. However, with thousands of users and nearly 2 million page views a year, we don’t think it’ll take too long to get established. In fact, if our pilot is anything to go by, you’ll be getting enqueries within the first 48 hours!

Contact us today for a chat and more details.