Coronavirus, can I still move house? Although moving will not be the same as it was pre coronavirus, there are still ways in which you can move home with social distancing measures during the coronavirus pandemic. Use our moving house checklist as a guide, but ensure you alter tasks taking into account social distancing and stopping the spread of COVID-19.

**This information is based on the government guidelines and procedures that were in place at the time of publication (21.05.2020) **

Our top tips moving home during coronavirus with social distancing measures in place when lockdown is eased are:

Buy new packaging supplies

We know how tempting it is to go to our local shops and ask for old cardboard boxes to pack our things in. However as there are studies suggesting that COVID-19 lives on cardboard for 24 hours, this would not be wise to do.

Instead, if you are moving home during the coronavirus pandemic you should buy or use your own packaging. If you are having a removal company help you move, you may be able to buy materials from them.

Hiring a van or using a removals company

If hiring a van make sure the firm you are using has taken the necessary steps to clean and disinfect the van. Likewise if you are using a removals company ask them what processes they have put in place to protect against COVID-19.

Donating unwanted items including furniture and clothes to charity

You may want to give away your unwanted furniture and clothes. However, you will need to be certain what rules charity shops have in place once lockdown ends. A lot of charity shops have been closing. Also those that are open are asking for you to book in slots to drop off items during the coronavirus pandemic. In a lot of cases they are limiting it to a certain number of bags or items. Check with your local charity shops to see what measures they have in place.

Last day cleaning before moving to protect from COVID-19

If you are doing this make sure you are disinfecting and using the appropriate cleaning materials. Likewise if you have chosen to get someone to do this for you make sure they follow the guidelines and can provide a receipt explaining what they have done to protect from COVID-19.

Keep to the 2m social distance during the day of your house move

You can move house during the coronavirus pandemic. If you are having a removals team help you to move, you must ensure that they keep to the 2 metre distance. This will protect both you and the removal company from potentially contracting COVID-19.

Make sure that you have taken the necessary precautions if you are needing to hand back keys for your old property. Likewise make sure when collecting your keys to your new home relevant safety precautions have been put in place.

Make sure that there are hand washing facilities available for everyone involved in your move. This could be either hand washing facilities in both of the properties or failing that, hand sanitiser. You should also wear a mask if possible to lower the risk of you passing anything on to others and vice versa.

You should also ensure that only the people who live in your household and the removal company help you to move. This is inline with the government guidelines and is there to keep you safe.

Good luck with moving house during the coronavirus pandemic and make sure you adhere to the social distancing measures in place!