Property ads or location location location, which comes first?

So which comes first, browsing property ads or where to live? It’s location of course! It’s pointless trawling the property portals until you have an idea about where you want to live.

Location location location – 10 things you may consider

location location locationYou may have one or several locations that you are keen to live in. This could be due to either one or several factors. Here is a list of 10 things which you may consider when choosing the best location(s) to live in:

Close to family – this can be especially important if you have babies or young children. Having the family network close by is a massive plus!

Job – you may be moving to be closer to work. Or you’ve just got a new job that’s taken you to a new area.

A place you have visited before and liked – this too also comes quite high up on the list. It may be that you are considering a change of direction which means this particular place is at the top of your list.

Budget – you may like a particular location because it fits in with what you are able to afford

Great schools – the postcode lottery can be a big player if you want to get your children into the best schools.

Good transportation links – you may not wish to live where you work, so somewhere on the commuter belt is somewhere you’d consider as a location.

Low crime areas – this too may be higher up on your list when looking for somewhere else to live.

Close to hospitals and good healthcare – if you have health issues this may be more important to you than the other things we have mentioned above.

Hussle bustle or quieter – knowing whether you want to be living in a place where all the action is or in a quiet village may be important to you.

Local facilities – so this could be bars, restaurants, sports facilities, country parks or local supermarkets.

What comes after location location location? Property Ads!

Once you have decided on areas where you’d like to live then you can start to look at property ads. Don’t automatically assume you will find all available properties on the big portals! It is worthwhile searching other websites or even property classifieds in local newspapers.

Take a look at our where to live pages. There’s some useful information about different places to live in the UK. If you already know where you’d like to live browse our property ads to see if you can find a new home.


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