As Shared Ownership Week (#SOWeek18) is coming to a close, we thought it would be useful to review some of the week’s articles.  It is always great to see coverage about affordable and social housing in the press. Especially around shared ownership which a great way of getting on the housing ladder.  Here are MovingSoon’s top features from the week.

The Mirror provided a case study about ‘Anna’ who explained how being able to buy a home via shared ownership “changed her life”.  Anna was unable to afford a normal mortgage after a relationship breakdown. However, The Mirror detailed how Anna was able to buy a 55% share of a property through Aster group.  

It is great to hear success stories from people who have benefited from the scheme.  The article is practical too, giving an overview about how shared ownership works.

“It has changed my life”: how shared ownership got Anna onto the …

For anyone who is still uncertain as to the specifics of shared ownership, Which? Published an informative article to help bust those queries.  The article also included a helpful video to demonstrate the scheme visually. Take a look:

Whilst many of the articles discussed the benefits of shared ownership and how it works; Homes and Property published an article on decorating your shared ownership home.  Importantly, it points out that for structural changes to a shared ownership home, you would need written consent from the housing association. However, cosmetic changes are completely up to the occupant.  We loved how Interior Designer, Nicola Fontanella created inspiring ideas to create space and light. It has made us want to decorate ourselves!

Finally, we enjoyed reading the Metro’s article which discussed why broadcaster, Reggie Yates is an ambassador for Shared Ownership Week.  Reggie explains why he is proud to be part of the scheme: “Shared ownership is a helping hand — it’s a really brilliant scheme that can help people in a way that wasn’t available when I was first buying”.

He highlights how when he first bought a property aged 18, he only needed a 5% deposit.  Now, following the financial crisis, people often need a deposit of at least 20%. It is great to see support for the affordable housing sector.

It doesn’t end there

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