Split testing your property ads to get better enquiries

Have you considered split testing your property ads to track the click through rate and conversions? If not, it may be something you want to consider doing.

What is split testing?

Split testing is a way to see which property advert delivers you the quality enquiries you seek. There have been a few conversations with out clients about this. Initially they were asking us to add more fields to our property enquiry form. However, this isn’t the right answer as the more fields you add the less chance you have of getting initial interest in your property advert. How many times have you clicked away from a website because the form filling was too onerous? I know that I’ve done it on many occasions. This is why you split test ads to give you an opportunity to test what works better. There are mistakes you need to avoid when split testing.

Split testing your property ads to get better enquiries

Split testing your property adverts

Let’s say you have a property to rent, but it is targeting those over the age of 55. To help speed up the process of understanding who is eligible you’d like to get the age of the people applying. So how do you go about this? Well, you could add it to the title. So, for example, Over 55s only – property to rent in xxxx. Or you could add it in the description of the property advert. Better still, you could do some split testing. So, for example, Advert A could specifically state the property is for the Over 55s whilst Advert B does not advertise the age criteria. The likelihood is you will get a lot more enquiries for Advert B as it is less specific. However, with Advert A you will probably get few enquiries, but they should be from people who are eligible i.e. over the age of 55.

Split testing of your property adverts is a great thing to try anyway. You can split test a number of things. This could include:

  • Property Photographs
    • using them versus not using them
    • adding more property photos to one advert and fewer to another
    • testing the use of professional pictures versus images taken on your phone
  • Property Description
    • more detail versus not a lot of information
    • using more ‘selling’ language on one advert and more general text on another
    • adding incentives to one of the advertsProperty Description

Use split testing to generate quality enquiries

Split testing can help you to understand which property adverts are more successful at generating quality enquiries and ultimately new tenants for your homes.

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