Think you know retirement property?

Before we begin, did you know that a retirement property is classed as a property available for a certain age, usually 55+ and you don’t even have to be retired?  Well, you do now. 

What do you think about when you imagine these retirement properties?  Are you assuming that they are all a bit tired looking, adorned with net curtains and well trimmed hedges?  Nothing particularly glamorous?

Well, stop a minute and look at this

The properties available for the over 55’s are nothing like the above assumption. The dreary nets have been replaced with modern shutters and blinds.  Gone are the poky, dark rooms and in their place are purpose built, new-build properties, flooded with light.

To demonstrate just how fabulous some of the properties are, MovingSoon have compiled a retirement property hot list.  We have properties to rent or to buy via older person’s shared ownership – want a peek?

Shared Ownership Stunners

Housing and Care 21 have some beautiful apartments on offer in Thorne, South Yorkshire.  Tastefully decorated and fitted with convenient features such as a walk in shower. Beautiful and practical.








For modern living, take a look at Stonewater Homes’ properties in Bracknell .  Spacious and modern, you can even buy off plan.  If you were to buy a 40% share of the property, it would only cost  £102,000. If you had a home previously and made a profit on the sale, buying via shared ownership could help you to retain liquid cash that you can use for your retirement.  Now there’s a thought. 

Rental beauties

This room provides a clever combination of cosy and modern.  The retirement rental in Blackpool provides bedsits with private en-suites, ideal for independent living.  But it also offers a convenient communal space and provides meals. This accommodation is advertised by Abbeyfield.

This clean and modern kitchen is contained in a studio apartment offered by Housing and Care 21.  The bonus is that they will even allow your pets to share the property with you.

Made you think?

As you can see, the variety of options and properties available for the over 55’s is growing.  With pensions getting smaller and cash assets getting tighter for each generation in later life; it is good to know that you can still live comfortably but on an affordable scale.

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