Romance is in the air.  Its Valentine’s, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have unveiled further wedding plans and everyone is getting all romantic.  Here at MovingSoon, we thought it would be helpful to share our team’s top tips for a successful transition for the moving in period. Not that we want to suggest that it might not run smoothly, not at all!

Be prepared

Think you know your partner?  Many couples admit that they did not realise their partner’s bad habits until after they had moved in together.  Sure, after spending many months of overnight stays you know about their snoring and their strange morning routines.  But are you prepared for the full on bum scratching, going the toilet with the door open openness?  Don’t be put off this won’t happen straight away, maybe not at all, but it does happen.

If you identify an annoying habit you need to decide whether you can live with it or not.  If you really cannot live with it, the best cause of action is to talk about it.  But be sensitive, many of us aren’t aware of our bad habits. And don’t think that you will get away unscathed, it’s very likely that your partner will retaliate with some observations of their own.

Declutter first

It’s easy to stash away those embarrassing momentum’s at home before your partner comes to stay; whether it’s the Boyzone dolls on display or the tatty old comfort bear that you still like to sleep with.   Don’t wait for the unpacking of moving boxes to decide that you really shouldn’t have kept this item.

It is also worth considering the space in your new shared abode.  There is bound to be a grievance if one partner brings a lot more stuff than the other, especially if you are moving into a small place.  That’s enough to start an argument with your new common law partner before you’ve even had your first meal at home together!

Talk finances

Soooo, the first rent is due and the bills, oh and you need to get another food shop in.  Are you splitting everything 50/50? It’s a real shame when money comes between couples but unfortunately it’s one of the top reasons for arguments.

It is best to decide how to split the bills before you move in.  Consider your separate income and expenditure.  If the new arrangement is going to be difficult for one party financially, consider whether the other partner needs to subsidise the outgoings.

Now that you have found your new love nest and followed our tips we’re sure the rest will be plain sailing!! Once you have decided you can live together happily, you may consider buying a place together.  Don’t forget that there are many ways to get on the housing ladder now.  Sites like MovingSoon can help you with a great selection of shared ownership properties available.

Enjoy your adventure together and Happy Valentine’s Day from all the team at MovingSoon.