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WelcomeWelcome to my blog. Following on from the article that was posted in Liverpool Echo back in April 2014 I thought it was worthwhile to start writing my blog about the progress of Moving Soon. I have been meaning to write it for quite a while now! And now I’ve finally got round to doing it!

Making sure MovingSoon.co.uk is simple and easy to use

From the early days of its inception I always had in mind that the website should be simple and easy to use. It’s always nice to get feedback stating exactly that. This is from both clients and also users of the site. With my background in project management it’s essential this business has streamlined processes. This is to aid both our clients and our users.

Making the process easier which includes free moving home checklists

It’s quite funny really, I initially envisaged the site will be dedicated to those looking to move home. So I started out by producing to do lists of the things you need to do when moving house. You need to have a business that is nimble that is for sure. Moving Soon is just that and we’ve actually seen the marketing of rental properties as the biggest growth of the business so far.

What will make my blog stand out?

So what am I going to write about? Well, I will give you updates on the business as a whole. So this will include any new services we are offering. I will also look to give you my two pennies worth about the property market. This will include my thoughts, my own tips for you based on my own experiences and some general thoughts. I will also attempt to answer any property related questions you ask? And if I can’t answer them I will see if I can get someone qualified who can to do just that!

So going back to the original strapline of the business it really is about people power. The website was originally designed for you, the user, by you. Back about what you’d like included in our blogs or the website in general please do get in touch. We love to hear from you.

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