What makes MovingSoon different?

MovingSoon only advertise affordable and social properties.  This means that when it comes to affordable, we know our stuff. Not only do we advertise, our site is a portal of information too. With regular helpful blog posts and updated web pages,  we help our users understand the options available to them.

Before MovingSoon, there was no specialist platform for social landlords to advertise their properties on.  This meant there was nowhere for people searching for social housing to be able to locate it without first trawling through unsuitable properties.

We pride ourselves on being an easily accessible site which has the right information and properties in the right place.

Don’t make property hunting a drag

Here at MovingSoon, we care about helping people find their next home and we understand the challenges faced. We advertise a vast array of properties with one thing in common, they’re all affordable. We know that with the ever changing housing market, finding a good home which won’t break the bank is a struggle.  We want people to find homes easily, which is why we have categorised the property search to make finding the home you want that little bit easier.

Unlike other property websites, we won’t make you sift through pages of unsuitable properties trying to find the needle in the haystack. Whether it be shared ownership, no deposit, help to buy or retirement properties, we’re sure we’ll have a property that suits you.

A personal touch

Our clients deal with real people and know a small, friendly and dedicated team.  Being a small team helps us create a mutual respect and bond with our clients as we are in regular contact.

Furthermore, being a small business means that we are efficient in implementing any changes to our site. We take all feedback on board as we value any suggestions that our clients and customers make.

Our team are passionate about all things housing. We stay up to date with housing news and schemes to ensure that we are innovative and reporting on up and coming initiatives, such as deposit free rentals or micro homes. Staying on-trend means we can give our customers up to date and accurate information.

Cost effective

We pride ourselves on being budget friendly so our clients have more to put back into the community. Unlike other property websites, we don’t cost an ‘arm and leg’ to advertise properties on.  We would rather see more money put back into the local community to help the housing crisis.

Would like to find out how your housing association could get on board?  Visit MovingSoon and start a 30 day free trial today.


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