How do you let affordable housing with social distancing measures?

So how do you go about letting affordable housing with social distancing measures in place? Although lockdown may have been lifted, social distancing measures remain. Face to face viewings are allowed to go ahead as long as social distancing measures being followed. 

How can alternative viewings help to let affordable housing with social distancing measures?

We’ve seen housing associations update their property listings to incorporate online viewings.  They’ve become much more popular with more starting to use them. This could be via 360 degree video technology. Or even a walkthrough of a property videoing it on the phone. This is a great move ensuring that people who may be vulnerable are not denied the opportunity to move homes. It’s also a massive help to those who may not feel ready to view in person.

Virtual viewings are also be a good way to generate interest for properties. For example someone from the housing association could film the property whilst on the likes of Zoom or Skype chat with a potential tenant. It’s great for prospective renters to get a good feel for the property. They can see the rooms live via walkthrough and it also creates an opportunity to ask questions. This approach is less costly and is done from the safe environment of their own home.

Be COVID-19 aware when letting affordable housing

Before the face to face visits take place, make sure you understand the concerns of would be tenants relating to Covid-19. They will want to feel safe that the appropriate social distancing measures are in place. It could be that only one person can view the property at a time. A face mask may be mandatory. Make sure hand santizer is readily available for them to use arrival. 

Have adequate processes in place to ensure that you are following social distancing measures and government guidelines. For example, Stonewater Homes resales, an existing client, are only allowing the current owner of the property and the viewer to attend the property viewings, there will not be a member of Stonewater staff there. This is to limit the amount of people in one enclosed space, lessening the potential danger.

You should also ensure properties are cleaned to meet the new requirements relating to Covid-19. They should be cleaned prior to the visit and after to ensure that staff and viewers are safe.



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