Top 5 location searches for shared ownership houses in the first half of 2021

So, what are the top 5 location searches for shared ownership houses between January and June 2021? We have been analysing our data to find which areas are the most popular on our site for Shared Ownership. The top 5 locations searched for shared ownership homes in the first 6 months of 2021 are;


Unsurprisingly, the capital took first place in demand for shared ownership homes. London has a high demand for affordable homes, not just Shared ownership. As property prices are so high in London, shared ownership is one of the most affordable ways to get on the housing ladder in London. You can use our site to search for shared ownership in London.


We have also seen a very high interest in Shared Ownership in Birmingham. This could be because of the vast amount of job opportunities available in Birmingham, It leads the way in many work sectors and has good transfer links to across the country.


Manchester is the only northern area that is in the top 5 for most popular shared ownership locations. However, Leeds and Liverpool feature in the top 10 and could potentially move their way higher up the rankings. This then may highlight that housing in the south is much less affordable than in the north and so affordable housing schemes are needed. Manchester is full off historical landmarks and musical history with a great nightlife and social scene. With multiple universities, Manchester is popular with those who graduated University and didn’t want to move back home.


Bristol is a beautiful city full of both hills and harbours. This is a main attraction for people who love the outdoors. Although this could be a major factor in the popularity of searches for Shared Ownership homes, it is not the only one. Bristol is home to one of the largest populations in England. So not only may current residents be looking for shared ownership homes in Bristol, so are people from the rest of the world.


Bedford is home to the river Ouse, which flows through the town. There is plenty of local architecture and landmarks such as St Paul’s church that makes Bedford a popular area. It also has great travel links to the rest of the country.

Get ahead of the property game

Thankfully, there are a number of active new developments creating more shared ownership housing across the UK However, considering the statistics, you should act fast to ensure you don’t miss out.

You can search for coming soon new builds including Shared Ownership by using our coming soon new build pipeline scheme. This will make sure that you are aware of any new builds that are due to be completed soon.

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