Using automated property data feeds to save admin time

Do you know about automated property data feeds? Do you find that adding properties to multiple platforms is time consuming and mundane? Have you ever considered that there is another way to add these properties so that you only have to add them once for them to go on each portal? Well there is!

At MovingSoon we have integrated property feeds. You can now link your Rightmove and Zoopla accounts with our platform, thus only adding your properties once. We also use feeds which can pull in your properties straight from your site or post them from ours directly to your site.

So how do these automated feeds for your property listings work?

Rightmove and Zoopla automated real time data feeds

These feeds work by linking your MovingSoon account and any accounts that you have with Rightmove or/and Zoopla. Once these have been linked, this allows you to only have to post on one portal for your listing to appear on all.

This will save you time massively as you will not have to add the property 3 different times, meaning you can focus on other tasks or get more properties added faster. This will only work if you get in touch to let us know that you would like your accounts linked.

Create a feed to list properties on your own website

At MovingSoon our web development team can create feeds that link directly to your own website. This means that if you add a property to your site, it will be pulled into MovingSoon and listed on our site also. Likewise, if you have linked our site and your site if you post on MovingSoon it will post your listing to your own site.

What do our clients think of our automated property data feeds?

Clarion Housing are a current client who have been using the feed for a few years. They said; “MovingSoon set up a feed for us so properties we advertise on their site will pull through to our existing Rightmove account at the click of a button. They were incredibly supportive and helpful in this process and it saves us a lot of valuable time. We also have a similar feed to Zoopla which benefits us further. ”

How will property feeds benefit my organisation?

This will benefit any housing provider by reducing the amount of time needed to add properties. It will ensure that you don’t have to add the same property multiple times to different platforms. By having your properties listed uniformly on each site, this could help you to gain more enquiries as the adverts are consistent.

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