Norris Green as a place to live

Norris Green was developed in the 1920s and named after the Liverpool-based Norris family. Now dominated by the vast housing estate Norris Green was once pastureland and home to the Norris Green mansion demolished in the 1930s.

The area is defined by a number of major thoroughfares. These are: the A580 East Lancashire Road and a small portion of Walton Hall Avenue to the north; Lowerhouse Lane and Dwerryhouse Lane to the east; Muirhead Avenue and Queens Drive to the south and Townsend Avenue back to Walton Hall Avenue to the west. The area is bordered by the districts of Walton, Fazakerley, Croxteth, West Derby and Clubmoor.

Norris Green’s district centre is known locally as “Broadway”, consisting of mainly shops found around Broadway and Broad Lane (though this is actually located in neighbouring Clubmoor ward). There are no actual pubs in the main residential area, but a small number of public houses do exist particularly around the vicinity of Broadway shops.

There are a number of frequent bus services to and from Liverpool city centre via Norris Green and the Broadway area.

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