For Rent in Preston, Lancashire 2 bedroom Flat

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£ 369.91 per month
85.43 per week
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£ 30.00
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Central Heating / Double Glazing / Lancashire / On street/residents parking / Preston
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For Rent in Preston, Lancashire 2 bedroom Flat


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Property listed on by Regenda Homes Wyre.

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  • Central Heating
  • Double Glazing
  • Families Allowed
  • On street/residents parking
  • Student Friendly

City Court, Percy Street, Preston, UK

Closest school

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Regenda Homes Wyre

Regenda Homes , 1-7 Lord Street, Fleetwood, PR7 6DX
  • 0344 7360066

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Regenda Homes Wyre

Regenda Homes is a housing association with nearly 10,000 properties in the North West. Most of these are social rented housing but it also has 30 Independent Living schemes for older people and 160 supported homes. Regenda Homes is part of the Regenda Group, a great quality, forward thinking housing business, building, managing and maintaining the homes people need. Regenda Homes aims to support its residents to realise their full potential and to ensure they have the best possible quality of life in healthy, safe, prosperous and sustainable communities. It works with a range of partner organisations to provide affordable housing and to achieve sustainable community regeneration.

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