choice based lettings

Changing nature of housing allocations

There is a lot of change afoot in the Social Housing sector. Also, you will find that Housing Associations have different agreements when it comes to their housing options allocations policies. Allocation agreements vary for Choice Based Lettings Schemes Some Housing Associations and ALMOs still have a 100% allocation agreement via a Choice Based Lettings (CBL) Scheme. This is a bidding system where...

What Choice Based Lettings schemes can do to attract new tenants

So what can Housing Options and Choice Based Lettings (CBL) schemes do to attract new tenants? It's not just a case of business as usual anymore. More and more of these schemes need to broaden their appeal so they are able to attract applications from low income workers. Additional Marketing by Housing Options and Choice Based Lettings Schemes There are many different Housing Options and Choice Based...

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