MovingSoon Housing Association Testimonials


“MovingSoon has been fantastic at generating us leads a few of which have now converted to reservations! The whole team are great – always on hand to help us should we need it when uploading/navigating the site. Move over Rightmove and Zoopla!” 

“The service Paul and his team at MovingSoon have provided us over the last few months has been second to none. They’re always eager to help update listings and are very proactive in their approach. The Shared Ownership properties we have listed on Moving Soon have generated the type of interest and traffic we’re looking for. All in all, a great success.”


“MovingSoon have recently set up a feed for us so that properties we advertise on their site will pull through to Rightmove at the click of a button. They have been incredibly supportive and helpful in this process and it will save us a lot of valuable time. They’re now looking to set up a similar feed to Zoopla which will benefit us further. We look forward to working with Paul and the team to introduce more innovative efficiencies to help us let our properties in the future.  Since we started using MovingSoon it has proved to be a very successful platform for advertising and letting properties and we’d recommend the service to any provider who is struggling to let social housing through the normal avenues.”

“We had at least 6 successful move ins for the trial period and are continuing to use MovingSoon. We are very impressed as we never had so many leads from other portals. One of the lets is worth mentioning – we had a house, which was adapted for a wheelchair user, and those are even more difficult to let, we have managed to find a suitable tenant and now they are happily moved in.”


“Using MovingSoon as a marketing vehicle for our development has been fantastic as we have received tens of enquiries weekly from their platform. What’s been really great has been the help and interaction we have had from them whenever we have had issues or challenges with their system or quality of the data we have received. We have now had 3 reservations on their way to contract exchange and some very good prospects we are currently working on to get them over the line. We are looking forward to more work and increased partnership with MovingSoon as we grow our development brand and as we build more Shared Ownership homes.”

“MovingSoon makes everything easy and efficient! As a department we are moving towards digital as much as we can and MovingSoon has a dashboard with a great interface making everything straightforward and getting our listings out there in the best possible way. The team is amazing and they have a superb customer service. Whenever we need something they are there for us and also get in touch regularly to make sure everything is running smoothly! We are looking forward to integrating more services that MovingSoon has, like the automatic upload to other portals from their platform!”

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“We have continued success with MovingSoon and it remains one of our most valuable tools for hard to let properties.”

“MovingSoon has and remains a positive advertising tool for us, generating new interest in our properties from both sides of the Mersey.”


“MovingSoon is a quick easy to use platform to assist us in our lettings process. The dashboard is really easy to use and is seen by many applicants all over the country, would definitely recommend.”

“Using MovingSoon has given us lots of interest in our properties, all properties advertised on the website have been successfully let. We find the website very easy to use and someone is always on hand to help with any enquires that we may have. Overall a very good service, great value for money and we will continue to use.”

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“We have been using MovingSoon to advertise our Shared Ownership properties, and have received enquiries from across the country! Paul and the team have been extremely supportive from the very beginning, offering advice on how best to promote properties, as well as listening to suggestions from us which might make the advertising process easier. We have already completed our first MovingSoon sale and are looking forward to getting more.”

“County Durham Housing Group have found the MovingSoon website to be a useful tool in letting our immediately available homes. The website is simple to use and has been effective in generating interest from people outside of our usual customer base.”


“MovingSoon has been a great platform to spread the word on shared ownership, making our properties more accessible to people. The system is so easy to use, freeing up my time to concentrate on meeting customers rather than spending all day trying to upload information. Would recommend any housing association to give it a try!”

“We have been VERY impressed with the results gained from this website so far. We have only recently started to use MovingSoon but have had some good results from it – letting a previously difficult to let flat through our advert.”


“Bernicia Homes have been successfully working with Paul and the team for over two years now. MovingSoon has been a very useful platform in promoting our homes to a much wider audience and has often led to significant interest in properties advertised on the website.”

“I would just like to say a huge thank you to MovingSoon, for all your help in marketing our properties at Spring Brook House. Advertising our flats with you has generated so much interest, that in the last 6 weeks I have managed to let 6 flats and now have a waiting list! Thanks so much.”


“Our first development advertised on MovingSoon resulted in several applications and properties offered to those applicants, which was fantastic! MovingSoon are a valuable asset to marketing shared ownership properties. The website looks professional and is easy to navigate. Their prices are very competitive. I have a good working relationship my contact who is always helpful. I look forward to working with MovingSoon in the future.”

“Many new tenants have found us via MovingSoon – as real asset to us!”


“The site is really useful and we got a number of swift enquiries relating to a property we had advertised via the MovingSoon website.”

“The team at MovingSoon has been excellent in supporting Heylo Housing and helped us achieve better marketing results from our property listings. We recommend the MovingSoon website to businesses that want to expand their reach and target new audiences across the country.”


““We used MovingSoon to advertise our available properties and in particular to increase our brand awareness; a targeted proactive approach. We have been using their services for a few years and have successfully generated new tenancies via their website. We would recommend them to other Housing Associations, should they wish to develop a broader marketing approach.”

“We used MovingSoon to promote some of our low demand properties. For the small investment, we had an excellent response, resulting in us letting all 6 of our available properties. MovingSoon has given us access to new customers who would normally not have considered us as a landlord.”


“We started working with MovingSoon approximately 2 years ago as another avenue to find applicants for our rental housing stock. MovingSoon has now become an important tool for us when searching for new customers. Alongside our own website, MovingSoon has assisted us to let our vacancies quicker and has helped us reach customers who may not have thought they could apply to us previously. The website itself is very easy to use and looks great to potential customers. We have and will continue to recommend MovingSoon to other Housing Providers as excellent value for money and a way to market their vacancies in a simple and professional way.”

“We have been working really successfully with MovingSoon for over 2 years and are really pleased with the service we receive.”


“We have found that using MovingSoon as one of the advertising platforms for our properties has been a great success. The team find the website easy to use, and we always get a quick response to our adverts. Using MovingSoon has played an integral part in us, as a region, achieving a 13 day turnaround.”

“Crosby Housing Association has used the services of MovingSoon to advertise a number of properties to rent where the Choice Lettings approach has failed to deliver. Each time we have used the services of MovingSoon the response has been fantastic with the latest property being let the very next day after being advertised.”


“MovingSoon has been an integral part of our allocations function for the last twelve months. It was particularly useful when seeking to allocate new build schemes within a Lettings Plan that sought to secure an influx of working applicants. MovingSoon are keen to work with us to tailor their service to our needs.”

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