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Who could be better placed to create an online experience that creates clients?

Whatever your exact line of business in the property industry – be it housing association, choice based lettings system, estate agent or letting agent, you, your employees and your visitors demand many of the same things from your website as others in this realm…

  • Modern design that reflects your organisation
  • List properties easily in half the time
  • Automated integration with all the major property portals including RightMove
  • Collect email addresses and set up alerts

Don’t wrestle with a back end that forms part of an outdated system.  And make it easier for your web site visitors to discover your homes.

This is bad for employees, bad for online experiences, bad for business, full stop.

Your website has a pretty difficult job to do. Is it time for a new hire?

In any property industry, it is technology that can empower us in our jobs – helping housing associations and estate agents to get properties in front of the right eyes, instantly, ensuring that you help potential buyers and tenants with the information they need, and breaking down communicative barriers between visitors and your team.

It’s clear – keeping ahead of the curve in terms of website technology is key to lives made easier and property portals that work more seamlessly alongside platforms such as RightMove.

So, now that you’re convinced…

The only question that remains is – how can we help?

We provide web design services from your perspective – we understand the daily tasks that you grapple with and we understand the common challenges that your staff and stakeholders face. With this unique knowledge, we’re perfectly placed to create a website that works on every level.

Alongside our web design and user experience team, we’ll get to grips with what it is that makes you special – the ways in which you solve your customers’ problems better than anyone else, designing a unique website that incorporates your design input, branding guidelines and feedback.

Let’s get to the nitty gritty…

Here’s the full rundown and details as to what our package covers

  • Modern, mobile responsive website – for an effective online experience, whatever the device your visitor is using
  • Search engine optimised for high rankings – a website primed, ready and readable for search engines, and the perfect tool to partner with your SEO strategy
  • List available properties with ease – no delays, no complex processes – simply properties that are uploaded quickly
  • Advanced integration with property portals – for cutting down on work that may previously have been duplicated
  • Dynamic pages for every location – Pages that create and update themselves for minimal maintenance
  • Collect enquiries quickly using online forms – Ensuring that a potential client isn’t lost, nor a tenant in need is ignored
  • Collect email addresses to use with Property Alerts – for automatic communication with prospective clients

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