council housing list

Council Housing List

Council housing, a staple of social housing in England, offers affordable accommodation to those in need. If you’re considering applying for council housing, understanding the process and available schemes is crucial. This article will guide you through the steps to get added to a council housing list, explain how to apply, and provide a comprehensive list of choice-based lettings schemes across England.

What is Council Housing?

Council housing is provided by local councils and housing associations to offer affordable rental homes. These homes are typically allocated to individuals and families based on need. They consider factors like current housing conditions, income, and specific vulnerabilities.

How to Get Added to a Council Housing List

  1. Check Eligibility:
    • Local Connection: Most councils require you to have a local connection to their area. This could mean living, working, or having close family in the area.
    • Income and Savings: There are usually limits on how much you can earn or have in savings to be eligible.
    • Housing Need: You must demonstrate a need for housing, such as overcrowded conditions, health issues, or homelessness.
  2. Contact Your Local Council:
    • Visit your local council’s website or contact their housing department.
    • Each council has its specific application process, so follow their guidelines closely.
  3. Fill Out an Application:
    • You’ll need to provide personal details, income information, and proof of your current living situation.
    • Some councils offer online applications, while others may require paper forms.
  4. Assessment and Banding:
    • After submitting your application, the council will assess your housing need and place you in a priority band or category.
    • Bands usually range from high to low priority (e.g., Band A for urgent need, Band D for lower priority).

How to Apply for Council Housing

  1. Register with a Choice-Based Lettings Scheme:
    • Most councils in England use a choice-based lettings (CBL) system where you can bid for available properties.
    • Once registered, you can log in to the CBL portal to see and bid on properties.
  2. Bidding on Properties:
    • Properties are usually advertised weekly or bi-weekly on the CBL portal.
    • You can bid on properties that meet your needs and are within your priority band.
  3. Offer and Viewing:
    • If your bid is successful, you’ll be offered a viewing.
    • After the viewing, you can decide whether to accept the property.
  4. Signing the Tenancy Agreement:
    • If you accept the offer, you’ll sign a tenancy agreement and move into your new home.

List of Choice-Based Lettings Schemes in England

Here’s a list of some of the prominent choice-based lettings schemes across England:

  1. Birmingham Choice: Covers Birmingham City.
  2. B With Us: Covers Blackburn with Darwen, Burnley, Hyndburn, Pendle, Rossendale.
  3. Home Choice Bristol: Covers Bristol City.
  4. Devon Home Choice: Covers Devon.
  5. Kent Homechoice: Covers Kent.
  6. Manchester Move:Covers Manchester City.
  7. Home-Link: Covers Cambridge, South Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, and other parts of Cambridgeshire.
  8. Dorset Home Choice: Covers Dorset.
  9. Homes for Bolton: Covers Bolton.
  10. Homesearch Nottingham: Covers Nottingham City.
  11. Leeds Homes: Covers Leeds City.
  12. Newcastle Homes: Covers Newcastle City.
  13. Sheffield Property Shop: Covers Sheffield City.
  14. North Yorkshire Home Choice: Covers North Yorkshire.
  15. Thames Home Choice: Covers parts of Berkshire.
  16. Hackney Choice: Covers Hackney, London.
  17. Tower Hamlets Housing Options: Covers Tower Hamlets, London.
  18. Property Pool Plus: Covers Liverpool City Region.
  19. Gateway to Homechoice: Covers parts of Essex and Suffolk.
  20. Homeseekers (Reading): Covers Reading.
  21. Solihull Home Options: Covers Solihull.
  22. West London Home: Covers several West London boroughs.

Are all Housing Associations or Councils Part of a Choice Based Lettings Scheme?

Not all housing providers use a choice based lettings scheme. Some have different nominations agreements as well. You can search for some of these housing providers affordable homes for rent on our website.

Final Thoughts

Navigating the council housing system can be complex, but with the right information, you can increase your chances of securing a home. Start by understanding your local council’s eligibility criteria and application process, and explore the choice-based lettings schemes available in your area.

For the most up-to-date information, always check the websites of the relevant housing schemes and local councils. Good luck with your housing journey!

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