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You will tend to find shared ownership and outright sale properties in our search. Most are shared ownership properties. Find out more about shared ownership.

Let us help you find affordable first time buyer houses.

We have seen some stunning first time properties added to our website. Whilst they are mainly shared ownership, we do have some affordable outright sale properties too.

You are probably aware of help to buy has now finished. Perhaps you have heard about shared ownership, or part buy part rent. This is another affordable housing tenure. Others include the First Homes Scheme and Rent To Buy.

Is shared ownership the main first time buyer tenure?

Shared ownership has been around for several decades now. With Help To Buy finishing in March 2023 it is now one of the key affordable homes tenures to get your first steps on the property ladder.

You will most likely need a 5% deposit on your share of the property. However, this will depend on the shared ownership lender.

Can I buy a shared ownership home outright?

Usually there will be a minimum share of 10% you can buy. However housing providers such as housing associations do allow you to buy bigger shares of property from the outset.

The housing association or company offering the shared ownership property can give you more details based on the deposit you’ve got together and your income. Also it will depend on what shared ownership mortgage options are available. 

Is the rent paid on shared ownership expensive?

The rent charged is usually less than rent on the open market and usually calculated at 2.75% of the property value per annum.

I've heard of the Save To Buy scheme is that available?

Save To Buy is not a government scheme. It is being run by a house builder which they are trialling in a few locations.  

Is there a first time buyers key workers home scheme?

First Homes is a government scheme aimed at local and keyworkers looking to buy their first home.

Typically, if they meet the local connection criteria, they can get a discount of at least 30% on new build homes.

Also, household income should not exceed £80,000 and £90,000 in London (or lower if set by the local authority).

A key worker can be the likes of those in the armed forces, doctors, nurses and teachers. It can also include delivery drivers and supermarket staff.  Housing providers will be able to give you more details around any key worker restrictions that may or may not apply.

You will need to have a local connection in relation to meet the first time buyer criteria for these homes. It has to be the first home you have owned. More details can be found on the government’s Own Your Home website.

Will there be a new government scheme to replace Help To Buy?

This remains to be seen. At the moment as we mentioned above there is the Rent To Buy, First Homes Scheme and Shared Ownership.

It may be best speaking to local authorities for further information to see if they know of any plans of any slightly different models that may be in the pipeline.

Are first time buyer houses all new builds?

Not necessarily. Depending on your financial situation if you are buying a home outright with a deposit and a mortgage you may find special deals offered to you by house builders on some of their new build schemes.

Even if you are looking at the part buy part rent option of shared ownership you may want a new build property.

However, you don’t have to buy new build for either shared ownership or outright sale properties. You can look at resale properties either via our website or looking at other websites to see what is available. 

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