Moving house checklist – things to do when moving house 🚚🏡

There’s lots of things to do when moving house. A moving house checklist is essential! It’s important to plan ahead when moving home, it’s widely known as one of the most stressful events in your life.

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Your list of things to do when moving to a new home can be endless. This applies whether you are moving home because you’ve outgrown your current house or flat, you are downsizing or it’s a home relocation due to a new job.

You can view our interactive moving checklist where you can check items off, or you can continue below if you would like a regular text version.

Checklist of things to do when moving house

Moving house is all about planning. Get your moving house checklist in place before you begin your home moving process. We know how crucial a list of things to do when you move house is.

It doesn’t matter if you are moving from rented accommodation or buying and selling homes. A moving house checklist is a must have to keep track of the things to do when you are moving house. The lists may differ as you will have different tasks to undertake if you are moving from rented accommodation. For example, you have tasks to complete for your property landlord to ensure you get your deposit back.

Group tasks together on your checklist

It is useful to group some of your tasks. For example, have a main task about contacting your Utility companies about change of address. The sub tasks were each of the utility companies that needed to contacted (Gas, Electricity, Water etc.). Different approaches work for different people; however one thing is certain, planning your house move is key!

To help reduce the stress in moving a checklist is definitely worth the time and effort. Not only does it list the things to do when you move house, but it can potentially highlight tasks you may have missed.

Steps to take before moving house

If you have actually signed up to move to a property to rent or buy then great, you can skip to the moving house checklist below.

If you are still in the process of finding a new home to buy, it is worth making sure you:

Compare mortgages >
Instruct a solicitor >
Arrange a home survey >

Depending on your budget you may choose to get in professionals to cover a lot of the moving home tasks above.

Moving House Checklist

Moving home may mean doing things differently whilst social distancing measures are in place. We will update our moving house checklist once the coronavirus lockdown rules have been relaxed about moving house.

4 weeks to moving – here are the things to do when moving house

  • Boxes to pack – make sure you get enough of the right sized cardboard boxes.
  • Bubble wrap to pack bubble wrap is important when packaging delicate items.
  • Labelling for boxes – a good approach is to add labels to boxes and pack belongings room by room, these means when you move to your new home you can take the boxes to the correct rooms for unpacking.
  • Arrange Storage – if you are staying somewhere temporarily before you move to your new home consider using a storage company.

3 weeks to moving – here are the things to do when moving house

  • De-clutter – this could include giving some clothes and furniture to charity, selling items on eBay
  • Post Office Mail Forwarding – make sure you have the correct details and your move in date

2 weeks to moving – here are the things to do when moving house

  • Change of address notifications – this could include Financial companies (Banks, Building Societies, Credit Cards, Store Cards, Investments, Insurance), the Council (Council Tax, Electoral Register), Dentists, Doctors,  Utility companies (TV licence, Electricity, Gas, Phone and Broadband and Water), Memberships (Gym , Magazine, Healthcare, Breakdown cover), HMRC (National Insurance, Inland Revenue), Newsagents, Opticians, place of work, DVLA.
  • Arrange Van Hire or Removal Company – if you are looking to get help arrange for your van hire or removals quotes.

1 week to moving – here are the things to do when moving house

  • Make sure new property is ready – if you are buying your completion date should have been agreed, if not chase up your solicitors to find out when it is. If you are moving to rented accommodation this should have been sorted weeks ago, however check with the landlord or letting agents to make sure the date is still ok.
  • Plan your deep clean of your current home – either get a quote from a professional cleaning company to do the clean the day you leave the property or if you are doing it yourself plan your clean and make sure you have the correct cleaning products for the last day clean.
  • Prepare your moving day essentials box – make sure you have packed a moving day essentials box. This will contain snacks, drinks and cleaning items.

Last day – things to do when you move house

  • Moving of furniture – this will either be done by you or the professional removals company if you chose to go with one of them.
  • Deep clean of your property – once the furniture has been removed then is the time to do a deep clean of your property to leave it nice and clean for the next occupants.
  • Hand keys to estate or letting agent – when you have moved all your belongings, took the final meter readings and done the deep clean close the door for the last time and drop in all sets of keys you have to the estate or letting agents.
  • Get utilities quotes – when you have the keys for your new place make sure you sign up for great energy deals.

Free downloadable and printable moving house checklist

Our free printable moving house checklist is worth taking advantage of. As an easy to read printable PDF template they outline things you need to do before you move house. Below are a few testimonials from some of our happy customers who have used it previously.

Nicola, Wirral –
“I’m finding the checklist a really useful reference of things to do before I move in a few months time.”

Ian, Essex –
“It looks a very comprehensive document and is just what I was looking for.”

We believe you too will find our free moving checklist extremely useful. At the very least it will give you an idea of the tasks you will need to complete during the home moving process.

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