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“We decided to use MovingSoon to advertise our Extra Care scheme, which has shared ownership apartments. We weren’t sure what the reach would be via their website compared to other property portals, but we’ve had a great response! So far we’ve had two reservations and are looking forward to receiving more. We would highly recommend MovingSoon as a platform for Retirement Living and Extra Care shared ownership properties. The CRM is very easy to use and allows you to personalise your page and track leads as they come in.  We have now produced sponsored ads on our listings and have since seen the views to our property pages go up.”

“We thought we would give MovingSoon a try following a demo and based on the feedback from other housing providers that are using them to find new tenants for their over 55s housing. We were not disappointed. It is really easy to add property listings and update them where necessary. Not only that, but we receive targeted enquiries from people best suited to the sheltered scheme we have listed. Not only that, but we have already secured our first let several weeks after starting on a really tough hard to let scheme. We are also hoping to sign another up this week. Not only is MovingSoon a cost effective option, but it also delivers targeted quality leads. We look forward to letting more of our hard to let over 55s and over 60s properties via their leads.”

“We initially thought that MovingSoon would not be able to generate quality leads or sales. As the first provider to list their outright affordable retirement resale properties it was a test for us. However, we worked with MovingSoon to ensure the right properties were being added and listed correctly. We receive good quality enquiries and more importantly have secured sales on the back of them. If you have affordable retirement properties to sell we would recommend using them to find new buyers.”

“Uploading a property on MovingSoon is the simplest site we’ve used – it’s great.”

“At first we were skeptical about what MovingSoon could achieve compared to the major UK portals. However, we have been pleasantly surprised. There is great feedback from our team about how easy it is to upload properties and use as well as the quality of the leads being good. Not only that, but we have already secured our first let within a few weeks on what was a challenging hard to let over 55s property. It’s early days, but we are really happy with MovingSoon and the team and hope to build on this success in the coming weeks.”

“We trialled MovingSoon and advertised one of our Retirement Living schemes. This scheme is our hardest to let scheme where historically we have had long term voids. Within 2 weeks of advertising, we had let a property in this very scheme and the resident is doing well in his property. We would recommend MovingSoon if housing providers need help in finding new customers”

“We’ve used MovingSoon particularly for our hard to let properties including sheltered. In particular targeting teachers and those in the education profession. We find that the adverts we place enable us to generate quality leads and enquiries which lead to successful lets.”

“We joined MovingSoon recently and have listed one of our developments expected in 2023 on this site and received good interest so far. Would recommend this service, especially if you’re looking to generate early leads from plan.”

“We heard about MovingSoon and how they were able to help with hard to let properties. They are very helpful. We get a lot of enquiries for our properties which have resulted in successful new tenancies. We would highly recommend them if you have retirement living or sheltered properties available for rent.”

“We ran a pilot with MovingSoon at the start of 2022 and it had an immediate impact. Several successful lets proved how useful it was to help tenants to find affordable homes like ours. So much so that we had no hesitation in deciding to continue to use the platform. We would highly recommend them if you have general needs or over 55s hard to let properties.”

“We have been using MovingSoon since 2017 and always get inundated with enquiries and let all our properties via their website. The website is extremely customer friendly. It’s also great to see the innovations that have taken place so far and about their plans to make it even easier for people to find affordable homes.”

“MovingSoon continues to be effective for our retirement rental properties. Not only do we generate a lot of quality leads, but more importantly they are qualified and offer good conversion results.  As a market leading UK retirement rentals company we use other platforms including Rightmove to find new tenants, MovingSoon offers comparative service. We have used MovingSoon since we launched in 2021 and would highly recommend them if you are looking for new tenants of your affordable rentals.”

“We’ve been using MovingSoon for a while to help us find new tenants for our hard to let properties. There is always quite a lot of interest and enquiries meaning that we are able to find new tenants quickly for our available homes. These can either be general needs rentals or homes we have available for sheltered housing and retirement living. We have no hesitation in recommending them to other housing providers who have difficulty letting properties. The flexibility of being able to increase and decrease the number of adverts at short notice is great. Give them a try.”

“LiveWest have found the MovingSoon website to be a useful tool in letting our immediately available homes. The website is simple to use and has been effective in generating interest from people outside of our usual customer base.”

“Karbon Homes find it easy to use. It has been very effective in helping us to let our properties. Also, we have found that we get interest from people outside of our usual customer base which is great to see. MovingSoon has been great and we recommend it to other housing providers who need to find new tenants quicker.”

“Bernicia Homes have been successfully working with Paul and the team since 2016. MovingSoon has been a very useful platform in promoting our homes to a much wider audience. This has led to significant interest and lots of new tenancies for properties advertised on the website. We would not hesitate in recommending them to other housing providers wanting to let their available homes quicker.”

“MovingSoon has worked wonders for us with our difficult to let properties in Wakefield, York and the surrounding areas. Their team is always on hand to help. We have used them on many occasions and would highly recommend them to other housing providers or agents who are looking to find new tenants quickly.”

“We have been using MovingSoon now for several years and manage to find new tenants for our hard to let properties. We’d recommend them to any housing providers who are seeking new tenants for their general needs and Over 55s properties”

“The MovingSoon new build homes search pipeline tool only launched the other week. We have already received details of interested buyers for one of our Northampton shared ownership schemes due to be completed summer 2021. Definitely worth using if you’re looking to sell more affordable homes like shared ownership off plan.”

“We ran MovingSoon alongside our existing Rightmove account as a pilot. It was great to see that we managed to generate more new tenancies via MovingSoon and so we took the decision to just use them going forwards.”

‘We had tried other websites including the big portals, but did not have success attracting new tenancies for our hard to let properties in Birmingham. However, advertising on MovingSoon we found tenants within a few weeks for all the properties we had available. We highly recommend them.”

“We heard about MovingSoon and thought we would give it a try for our hard to let sheltered properties in London. We had nothing to lose. We were overwhelmed by the interest in our scheme via their website. We actually managed to secure 15 successful new tenancies via MovingSoon in the space of a few months. We highly recommend them for your hard to let sheltered properties.”

“Having worked with Paul and the team at MovingSoon for 5 years now for both the sale and letting of our homes they have played an important role in our marketing strategies.  They have delivered a personalised service to Stonewater Homes which has enabled us to facilitate our vendors sales of their homes quickly and at the maximum value, helping them to take the next step on the property ladder.  Under the letting of our homes MovingSoon have been invaluable asset, providing quality applicants who are looking to create a place to call home, complimenting our use of Choice Based Lettings Schemes and helping Stonewater to create diverse, sustainable communities.  We cannot recommend them enough.”

” We had a handful of enquiries in a matter of days for our retirement property in Stevenage and successfully filled the void! We were able to fill one or two others that became void after the start of the trial period – so it has been a success there! We are so glad we took up the pilot and look forward to letting more properties using MovingSoon now we have chosen to continue to use the platform.”

“MovingSoon have recently set up a feed for us so that properties we advertise on their site will pull through to Rightmove at the click of a button. They have been incredibly supportive and helpful in this process and it will save us a lot of valuable time. They’re now looking to set up a similar feed to Zoopla which will benefit us further. We look forward to working with Paul and the team to introduce more innovative efficiencies to help us let our properties in the future.  Since we started using MovingSoon it has proved to be a very successful platform for advertising and letting properties and we’d recommend the service to any provider who is struggling to let social housing through the normal avenues.”

“MovingSoon has and remains a positive advertising tool for us, generating new interest in our properties from both sides of the Mersey.”

“We have been VERY impressed with the results gained from this website so far. We have only recently started to use MovingSoon but have had some good results from it – letting a previously difficult to let flat through our advert.”

“We have used MovingSoon for several years and typically use them to find new tenants for our over 55s sheltered schemes that are hard to let. The website is quick & easy to use. We always get targeted leads and successful lets. We would definitely recommend MovingSoon to other housing providers.”

“I would just like to say a huge thank you to MovingSoon, for all your help in marketing our properties at Spring Brook House. Advertising our flats with you has generated so much interest, that in the last 6 weeks I have managed to let 6 flats and now have a waiting list! Thanks so much.”

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