Affordable Housing New Builds

Welcome to our affordable housing new build data and statistics page. Our aim is to make affordable housing more accessible. Gathering data enables us to show whereabouts these homes, by county, are being built and when.

This information has been gathered based on what new build schemes have been reported online as going ahead. Some of these providers are already clients who have added or updated the detail we have gathered from what is available in the public domain.

Affordable Homes Pipeline – 2023 Onwards


*NOTE: The table above gets updated in real time when new schemes have been found and added.

(Source: online information and data input by clients)

To find out more detail about whereabouts in a county a scheme is being built and by whom you can go to our new builds near me page and search.

Is this only housing association affordable new builds?

Most of them are, however in some cases there will be details about house builders and councils who are looking to build affordable homes. All of this information has been gathered on reports we have found in the public domain.

Have you captured all affordable housing new builds coming in the next few years?

Unfortunately no. This is only information we have found in the public domain. We’d love to list every scheme on here, but we are reliant on house builders, housing providers, housing associations and councils to provide that information to us.

What affordable housing new builds are shown?

Typically the schemes shown will either be social rent, affordable rent, intermediate rent, rent to buy, shared ownership, discounted sale or first homes scheme homes.

Why have you gathered this affordable housing data?

We want to make affordable housing accessible. The only way to do that is to report on homes available now which you can see a lot of in our property listings section. Also to show new affordable homes and new developments that are coming soon or due within the next 2 to 3 years.

In some instances we’ve found information of schemes that are due post 2025 which is great to see!

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