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What Is Part Buy Part Rent?

Part buy part rent is just another name for shared ownership. So you typically part buy the property with a mortgage and deposit. The remaining share you part rent usually from a housing association although this could now be a private company.

Shared ownership is a home ownership scheme

There is housing association shared ownership as well as private providers offering it. If you are first time buyers, or you have owned a property before but no longer do so, you could be eligible to get your foot on the property ladder. Part buy part rent with a shared ownership home.

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How do I find shared ownership houses near me?

Find shared ownership houses to part buy part rent with a housing association.

We have seen some incredible housing association shared ownership properties in our time. Believe us when we say that it really does mean being able to part buy part rent a beautiful, hassle free shared ownership home. Like help to buy it’s a tenure that helps people buy a home affordably.

Perhaps you have heard about shared ownership, or part buy part rent, but you’re not quite sure how it all works? Or you’ve landed on this page because you are thinking about a part ownership property, but want to know more. 

Find shared ownership houses using the search box above.

Do I need a shared ownership mortgage?

As with any property purchase, you will need to take out a mortgage to pay for your share of the home’s purchase price. Shared ownership mortgages are a specialist mortgage product and not always available from the high street banks.

You will most likely need a 5% deposit on your share of the property. However, this will depend on the shared ownership lender.

How do I know what share to buy will work for me?

Usually there will be a minimum share of 10% you can buy. What share to buy of your shared ownership house will depend on a lot of factors. However, the housing association or company offering the shared ownership property can give you more details based on the deposit you’ve got together and your income. Also it will depend on what shared ownership mortgage options are available. 

Is the rent paid on shared ownership houses expensive?

The rent charged is usually less than rent on the open market and usually calculated at 2.75% of the property value per annum.

Am I eligible for shared ownership?

To be eligible to for shared ownership part buy a home your our combined household income must be less than £80,000 (in London, it’s less than £90,000).

Because the shared ownership scheme is aimed at first time buyers, last time buyers called older people’s shared ownership as well as those who may have had a relationship breakdown looking to get their own place.

Do I need to pay stamp duty and solicitors fees for a shared ownership house?

You will still be liable for all the normal house buying administrative costs such as stamp duty, solicitors fees and moving fees etc should you proceed to part buy part rent one of these homes. However, Stamp Duty tax can generally be deferred until your share reaches 80% at the time of writing this. Please check with the housing provider first to understand your costs or speak to a shared ownership solicitor.

Are shared ownership houses offered by housing associations or private operators?

Housing associations typically offer shared ownership, but private providers are now offering this tenure.

Put simply, shared ownership means that you are buying a share of between 10% – 75% of a property. Therefore, you pay rent on the remaining share which is usually owned by a housing association. Each month you pay a combination of mortgage and rent. There is an option to purchase more of the property as your finances increase over time meaning you could eventually own the property outright.

For some, the combined mortgage and rent for their shared ownership home is less than the rent they are currently paying. It is seen as an affordable option to buy a home.

Many are new homes and are purpose built new build properties. So there is no need for large renovation costs or repairs. You will honestly be pleasantly surprised by what is on offer.

Ready to start your search? What are you waiting for??! Start your search and prepare to be stunned by the housing association shared ownership part buy part rent properties available. Find your shared ownership new home or resale properties today.

If you would like to learn more about how to buy a home with shared from housing associations and other affordable housing providers before heading off, have a read below…

Do I need to get buildings insurance for shared ownership houses?

It is likely this will be covered off in your service charge as your shared ownership property is likely to be leasehold. You will need to get contents insurance.

We have partnered with to help you save money on your insurance.

Are shared ownership houses freehold or leasehold?

Shared Ownership part buy part rent properties are leasehold.

If I buy a share of a shared ownership property, am I actually a homeowner?

There’s plenty of views around this. If you’ve researched shared ownership, you may already know this. It’s important to understand exactly what this means. When purchasing a shared ownership property, you enter a leasehold. Yes, you have a mortgage and own part of the property, but you’re technically also a tenant to the housing association you’ve purchased your share from.

There has been plenty of discussion about the terminology around shared ownership. However, if you are buying a home outright with a mortgage you could say you are a part owner too as you are paying off the mortgage. Perhaps, only when you own 100% of the property you can call yourself a homeowner.

Am I free to decorate my shared ownership property?

Depending on the rules set out by the housing association you’ve purchased your shared ownership property from, you may not be able to freely decorate. It’s entirely dependent on the organisation, and some are more than happy to let you redesign your dream home. It’s an important question to ask when searching for your property and ensure it’s within documentation before starting any grand designs. As we said earlier in the blog, it is so important to do your research to see if it is right for you.

Can I buy a bigger share of my shared ownership house?

You can increase the shares that you own as you can afford to do so, a process known as ‘staircasing’. In most cases you can buy 100% and own the property outright. Please be aware that valuation fees occur when buying additional shares. 

Who covers the maintenance of shared ownership houses?

Unless you’ve established a clause in your leasehold, you’re responsible to maintain the home regardless of your shares. You will likely have to pay a service charge to maintain the communal areas, and your housing association may have preferred contacts. Also, if there is an issue with the boiler it is likely to be your responsibility to pay to fix. However, you need to check this with the housing association you are looking to become a shared owner with. They all have their own criteria which can differ slightly from one another. It’s important to look into insurance options so you don’t face an unaffordable bill.

How does stamp duty work for shared ownership houses?

Depending on your personal situation, there are some options when it comes to paying stamp duty. You can either:

  1. Pay a one-off payment for the full market value of the property.
  2. Pay in stages, based on the share you own.

If you decide to pay in stages, you down owe anymore tax until you reach 80% of shares. Full advice and how much you can expect to pay can be found on the GOV.UK website.

How easy is staircasing for shared ownership houses?

Staircasing involves buying more shares in your home when you can afford to, and you can work your way up to own the full 100% – making it your own home! Bear in mind, some housing associations may not allow this, and you should check before entering an agreement. You’ll need to involve a solicitor and mortgage advisor, find out more advice on our blog piece about Staircasing.

How easily can I move from a shared ownership property?

Just because you own shares, doesn’t mean you can’t sell your home! The process of selling a shared ownership property is not the same as a regular property, due to it being a share. There’s plenty of insight available on how the process works, including when we previously discussed Can I Sell A Shared Ownership Property with an Estate Agent?


If you still need more information, take a look at our detailed ‘Shared Ownership: All you need to know’ page, we also have a dedicated Help section.  If you can’t find what you are looking for get in touch and one of our helpful team members will be in touch.

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