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Nuela in Gloucestershire said, “Brilliant service. Clear and concise. Easy to use.”

Reg in Leicestershire said, “I found my property via MovingSoon. Best thing I ever did.”

Korine in Oxfordshire said, “It was easy and straightforward to find this property on MovingSoon.”

Richard in Greater Manchester said, “Very easy website to navigate. Information is precise. Simple to forward your interest to the housing association. All in all, a wonderful experience.”

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“At first we were skeptical about what MovingSoon could achieve compared to the major UK portals. However, we have been pleasantly surprised. There is great feedback from our team about how easy it is to upload properties and use as well as the quality of the leads being good. Not only that, but we have already secured our first let within a few weeks on what was a challenging hard to let over 55s property. It’s early days, but we are really happy with MovingSoon and the team and hope to build on this success in the coming weeks.”

“We decided to use MovingSoon to advertise our Extra Care scheme, which has shared ownership apartments. We weren’t sure what the reach would be via their website compared to other property portals, but we’ve had a great response! So far we’ve had two reservations and are looking forward to receiving more. We would highly recommend MovingSoon as a platform for Retirement Living and Extra Care shared ownership properties. The CRM is very easy to use and allows you to personalise your page and track leads as they come in.  We have now produced sponsored ads on our listings and have since seen the views to our property pages go up.”

McCarthy Stone

“We initially thought that MovingSoon would not be able to generate quality leads or sales. As the first provider to list their outright affordable retirement resale properties it was a test for us. However, we worked with MovingSoon to ensure the right properties were being added and listed correctly. We receive good quality enquiries and more importantly have secured sales on the back of them. If you have affordable retirement properties to sell we would recommend using them to find new buyers.”


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