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TypeDate availableRegionTown/CityHousing providerScheme nameNo. of homesDescription
TypeDate availableRegionTown/CityHousing providerScheme nameNo. of homesDescription

Find a new affordable housing developments coming soon in 2024, 2025 and beyond!

We have found this information in the public domain and listed them here to help people find upcoming affordable housing developments quickly and in one place. Not all providers have an account with us so you will have to search the internet directly for those schemes. 

(New builds coming soon include those for social rent, affordable rent, rent to buy, shared ownership and shared equity.
The properties include apartments, flats, houses and bungalows.)

PLEASE NOTE: You don’t have to be a first time buyer to apply for new homes.

New Build FAQs

What Is A New Build Property?

A new-build property is a property that’s brand new and never been lived in

Some new homes may be listed as ‘new build’ as they have been built fairly recently, however if they have been owned or lived in then this is not the case.

These new homes can include properties for social rent, affordable rent, outright sale, shared ownership, rent to buy and help to buy homes.

I cannot contact a housing provider about a scheme?

Not all housing associations or housebuilders have chosen to have a profile. Those that have you can click the link to contact them directly. Those that don't you will need to do an internet search to get in touch with them directly.

Why don't all providers have contact details?

Because we have taken the time to see what information is available in the public domain to help people find upcoming affordable housing developments quickly and in one place.

We are trying to get all providers to create a profile so you can contact them directly about new build affordable homes so please bear with us. Alternatively if you know of them please ask them to get in touch with us to get them added.

Are All The Upcoming New Builds Listed As Single Homes Or Housing Developments?

It can vary!

The new homes listed here are currently affordable housing developments that are due in 2023, 2024 and 2025. Rightmove, Zoopla and OnTheMarket advertise new homes as do we. However, we also advertise new builds coming soon that due in the next 3 years.

This gives you the opportunity to find out where new homes are being developed and it also allows you to get in touch with house builders and other housing providers before they are built.

Do You Have New Build Shared Ownership Properties Available Now?

You can search directly for shared ownership houses that are available now.

What About Help To Buy Properties?

The Help to Buy scheme is now closed. So please search for outright sale, shared ownership or rent to buy properties.

What About Save To Buy?

Save To Buy is a pilot being run by Fairview Homes. It is not a government scheme.

Do I Need A 5% Deposit Minimum For A New Build House?

Given the current changes in interest rates and mortgages you really need to speak to a mortgage adviser to find out more details as to whether you need 5% deposit or more.

I Cannot Find New Affordable Housing Developments Near Me, Where Else Can I Look?

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