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Moving Soon, the UK’s Property Website for Affordable and Social Homes
There are currently thousands of social properties in the UK that stand empty with no-one ready to move in to them.

These homes are available to those in work and are ideally suited to those looking for a more affordable cost of living or those in lower-income jobs.

There are also various affordable-home schemes that can be confusing as to which one you might be eligible for.

Many people are simply unaware that they can rent or buy affordable homes from Housing Associations.

about usIt is difficult to know where to look for affordable homes, with various platforms being used.

To provide a solution to this Moving Soon work with Housing Associations and other organisations up and down the country, who offer affordable homes and bring them together in to a national property website.

Moving Soon’s social goal is to market these homes and organisations to a wider audience. There are many people in the UK who aspire to own a home.

With mixed messages around the eligibility of Shared Ownership we aim to provide clarity about who can and cannot apply for these homes.

Not only can users search for available properties, but they also have access to valuable hints, tips and tools helping them to find homes for less.

Find out about Shared Ownership Schemes Coming Soon

Find out about Shared Ownership Schemes Coming Soon

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