About Us

Moving Soon | Affordable property specialists

Meet MovingSoon, we are a bit different to all the other property advertisers and estate agents out there.  Let us tell you why.

Back in 2013, MovingSoon’s Founder, Paul Malone had a realisation.  He realised that there were simply no platforms for social landlords to advertise their properties on.  Their specialist housing was being ‘lost’ amongst the general estate agents and websites. Furthermore, it was likely that they were paying handsomely for their advertising too.

Knowing that budget is key to the housing sector, Paul wanted to offer an affordable solution.  His aim was to help housing associations by creating a bespoke platform whilst also simplifying the searching process for people trying to find affordable property.

And so, MovingSoon was born.  A one stop solution, helping to fill housing voids and easing the UK housing crisis.  We are giving those who require social housing a home to start their search.

MovingSoon has grown a vast audience since 2013 and a strong client base.  We continue to provide good quality leads, reduce the number of voids and provide an informative service to our Users who are in need of homes.  Our vision is to help people step-by-step.  Firstly, by finding them somewhere safe and affordable to live and then helping them progress to owning their own home.