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Shared ownership

There is housing association shared ownership as well as private providers offering it. If you are first time buyers, or you have owned a property before but no longer do so, you could be eligible to get your foot on the property ladder. Likewise if you are downsizing this could be an option for you. Part buy part rent with a shared ownership home.

First Time Buyer Houses

We advertise properties at or below £300,000 asking price. So they are classed as affordable for first time buyers. In a lot of cases they will be shared ownership, but you may see some outright sale properties.

Retirement Properties

We also advertise outright sale and shared ownership affordable retirement properties. Find affordable retirement properties for sale.

What is part buy part rent?

Part buy part rent is just another name for shared ownership. So you typically part buy the property with a mortgage and deposit. The remaining share you part rent usually from a housing association although this could now be a private company.

Do I need a mortgage?

As with any property purchase, you will need to take out a mortgage to pay for your share of the home’s purchase price. Shared ownership mortgages are a specialist mortgage product and not always available from the high street banks.

You will most likely need a 5% deposit on your share of the property. However, this will depend on the shared ownership lender.

Has Help to Buy been replaced?

At the moment there isn’t a replacement for Help to Buy. Shared Ownership is now seen as the main first time buyer home ownership scheme. There is also Rent to Buy too.

Am I eligible for shared ownership?

To be eligible to for shared ownership part buy a home your our combined household income must be less than £80,000 (in London, it’s less than £90,000).

Because the shared ownership scheme is aimed at first time buyers, last time buyers called older people’s shared ownership as well as those who may have had a relationship breakdown looking to get their own place.

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