Shared Ownership

So you want to know about shared ownership? We’ve written many articles over the years. You can use them as a guide to shared ownership.

You need to do your research to decide whether or not shared ownership is right for you

  1. Are shared ownership houses leasehold or freehold?
  2. What questions should you ask when viewing a shared ownership property?
  3. What does the shared ownership service charge cover?
  4. What are solicitors fees for selling shared ownership property?
  5. How does shared ownership staircasing work?
  6. Buying or selling shared ownership, what are the costs?
  7. Shared ownership vs renting, what will you do?
  8. Can I sell a shared ownership property with an estate agent?
  9. Is shared ownership only for first time buyers?
  10. How does shared ownership work when you sell?
  11. What are the estate agent fees for selling shared ownership?
  12. What is the eligibility criteria for buying shared ownership property?
  13. Is buying shared ownership a good idea?
  14. How to save for a shared ownership deposit?
  15. How do you buy a shared ownership house?
  16. What is the downside to shared ownership houses?
  17. What is a shared ownership mortgage?
  18. How does shared ownership work and what is it?
  19. Shared ownership, why all the negative press?

If you have decided that you want to progress with shared ownership, we have links to shared ownership resources you may need below.

You’ll need to search for shared ownership houses

Other resources are:

Shared ownership calculator

Compare shared ownership mortgages

Shared ownership solicitors quotes

Home buyers survey quotes

Removals quotes

Compare listings


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