Decluttering is the act of removing unnecessary items from your home to clear up space, and with the majority of the country remaining in lockdown now is the perfect time to declutter your home.

Having a clean home can give you a clean mind so we wanted to share some easy tips on how you can declutter.

Why do I need to declutter?

Decluttering has many benefits from just ensuring your home is clean to helping you earn an extra bit of cash.

Decluttering creates more space, whether that be within your mind or physical space. You may have been putting off cleaning up, but once you have done it it will no longer take up the space in your mind and the pressure hanging over you to clean will be gone.

A lot of people are currently working from home and having a clean home will help you to focus more

Can I make money from decluttering?

In short, yes you can. If you are in need of some extra cash, you could declutter and sell the things that you think other people may be interested in. This could be clothes, accessories, electricals etc. There are lots of different platforms that you can use to sell your second hand items such as Ebay, Depop, Vinted and many more.

If you are not short of cash, you may want to donate these items to a charity shop so that someone else may benefit from them.

What are some simple ways to declutter?

Sometimes decluttering can just mean optimizing the space that you have better. For example, getting drawer organisers that create more space but also organise your cupboards. By putting similar items together, your space is more organised and you may have more room than you thought.

Checking for expired products– This is mainly the case in the bathroom and kitchen, but chucking out expired products is one quick and easy way to get rid of things.

Use the space underneath– There is a lot of space that can be used under the bed. If you are short on closet space, why not get under bed storage boxes or vacuum storage bags. This tip could help you gain more space in your room

Go through clothes in sections– When sorting clothes you should go through them item by item. For example, go through all your jeans at once so you can see which ones you want to keep and which ones you would get rid of.

How to motivate yourself to clean

It’s all good talking about the need to declutter, but actually getting around to doing it is the hardest part. You should think of how you will feel when you have done it and motivate yourself with that. Imagine going to bed knowing that your home only contains the things you use and need.

You could also think of the space that you will now have to put new items that better reflect your taste. What you used to like, you may not anymore so you want to own things that reflect that.

Having a clean home can make you feel a sense of accomplishment. Once all of the clutter has been removed, you may find yourself having the space to be able to rearrange the furniture of give the walls a new coat of paint.

If you have done all of these tips and still feel like there is not enough space, you may want to consider searching for affordable property to rent.