Are you wondering how to save money on home improvements? Have you just bought a new home that needs quite a lot of work? Or are you wanting to give your current home a revamp? Keep reading to find out how you can renovate your home on a budget.

Here are 4 things showing you how to save money on home improvements:

  1. Firstly, assess what needs to be done from what you would LIKE to be done. For example, your bathroom may be in dire need of attention and fixing, whereas your kitchen may just need cosmetic changes. You should prioritise where to spend your money.
  2. You should see if you can repurpose any of your current furniture so you do not have to buy brand new furniture. Got some kitchen cupboards that are stained/chipped? Have you thought about painting them instead of getting brand new ones? There are plenty of lovely colours online, to give your cupboards a lovely boost. You can also buy fablon to put on your kitchen worktops if you want to transform them.
  3. Try doing things yourself instead of hiring people. Granted, maybe installing a new bathroom may not be doable, but painting walls and upcycling furniture is. Make use of as many hands that you can. Does your brother’s girlfriend owe you a favour? Make sure to ask family members to lend a hand for a few hours.
  4. Can’t afford new flooring? Rather than get expensive flooring, you could by stick on flooring/vinyl/laminate flooring to make a quick difference. Sometimes, just getting your house to look clean and tidy matters a whole lot more than looking flashy.

Home improvement tips for each room


Don’t worry about tiling the whole bathroom if it doesn’t need to be done. One money saving (and stylish) tip, is if you just tile half the room where the water is likely to splash, you can paint the rest of the room. This would work if you had a separate shower and bath, however if your shower bath is against a wall, the wall would likely get wet. You could just tile one wall, where the bath and shower rests and paint the other half. This is likely to save you a fair bit of money if you have a large bathroom. Home improvements do not have to break the bank.


You may want to change the theme in your bedroom, but your bed frame may no longer go with your new theme. If you have a divan bed, you can get fabric that goes over the current one, instantly changing the colour. If you had a wooden bed frame, you could change this by painting it any colour you like.

Living room

You could freshen up your walls by repainting them. If you were wanting to change the theme, you could repaint a feature wall to another colour and change the cushion covers and accessories around the living room to also match this. You can upcycle side tables, mantlepieces etc by either staining them or giving them a paint and attaching new handles.


There has been a lot of buzz around using wooden pallets as garden furniture. You could see if you could get your hands on these from a local garden centre or building site. These would be free and you could make chairs and tables out of them. Jazz up your yard by adding hanging baskets, potted plants and fairy lights.

By giving your home a simple clean and making the place look fresh, you can add character in ornaments, photos and décor.

Buy second hand

Facebook marketplace and local selling pages are great for a bargain. You could also look through local charity shops to find furniture perfect for your home, or ones that you can do up to make it perfect.

There are plenty of DIY and home décor tips across social media, so keep your eye out.