Broadband when moving house, is it easy to switch

Broadband Change Address When Moving House

In this fast-paced digital era, a dependable broadband connection has become a lifeline for most of us. This is especially evident since the COVID pandemic as remote and hybrid working is on the rise.

Therefore, the question of how to seamlessly switch your broadband contract when you’re relocating to a new house is top of your list when moving home.

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Is It Time to Switch Broadband Connection?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the ins and outs of switching broadband during a house move.

Switch broadband when moving house? We all know how important having a good broadband connection is, especially after the past year. So how easy is it to connect broadband when moving house?

Setting up Wi-Fi at your new home should not be as time-consuming as it once was. Obviously this will depend if the previous occupant had broadband (nearly everyone does now) or if the necessary wires are already in place.

However, if you’re one of the many who now work from home, having a working broadband connection is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. So, make sure that switching or setting up your broadband service is at the top of your moving house checklist.

If you haven’t already seen it, take a look at our moving house checklist to see what tasks you need to do. It’s crucial to remember that changing your broadband details should be high on your priority list.

Does my current broadband provider offer coverage in my new home?

Before you even think about switching providers, you need to find out if your current broadband provider offers coverage at your new address. It’s best to get a head start on this a few weeks before your move. If your current provider can extend their services to your new location, the next step is to find out about any potential service disruptions during the your house move or whether they can reconnect you on the same day.

What can I do to get wifi when moving house?

Now, let’s address the issue of staying connected while you’re in the middle of your house move. If you have a smartphone, you likely have access to data that can keep you connected on your phone. But what if you need to use a laptop or another device? Don’t worry! There’s a handy feature on smartphones known as a “personal hotspot” that can come to your rescue. This nifty feature essentially leverages your mobile data to create an internet connection that your other devices can latch onto, ensuring you stay connected to the digital world.

This means that you will be able to work online by using your mobile data.

BT have created a broadband which if your internet goes down it will switch to mobile data. Depending on your broadband plan this may be an option for you.

What is BT Hybrid connect?

BT Hybrid Connect is a service offered by BT which uses EE if broadband connection goes down. Similarly to how a personal hotspot works. So if you are waiting for your internet to be set up with BT but have their SmartHub router2 already you will be able to take advantage of this.

This is possible because BT own EE and so they are able to offer this service, which is unique to them. If the broadband network goes down, all the devices that are connected to the router are automatically switched to an EE mobile internet connection. This happens within 90 seconds so you will be back up and running quickly.

This is not only perfect for if your service hasn’t gone live yet, it is perfect if anything happens to the connection in your street etc. You won’t have to worry about bad weather disrupting your connection either.

As far as we are aware, BT are the only ones who are offering this service. If you are moving, you may want to consider getting BT for this reason alone. However, some providers may offer greater perks and may have similar services coming soon. You can read more about BT Hybrid connect here.

BT & EE Broadband Moving House: What to Expect

Although EE is part of BT you will need to speak to EE to find out if you get a similar service as BT Hybrid connect. Moving home with an EE broadband package may be different to a BT package. Get in touch with them to find out more.

Switch broadband providers when moving house, what do other providers offer?

Sky Moving House: Sky have a dedicated section on their website to provide new address details and track your move.

Virgin Media Moving House: You can check to see if they offer a service at your new address. Virgin Media are known for having a ‘QuickStart’ set up option which gets you set up in less than 10 minutes. They will send you the box to set up yourself rather than having an engineer to come and do it. Installing QuickStart is only possible at addresses that have had Virgin Media services in the past.

Plusnet Moving House: They have a dedicated webpage which asks you to call their customer service number to update your details.

Vodafone Moving House: They too have a dedicated page to check to see if your new address has service.

Most providers will have quick turnarounds in getting you set up on your broadband. If it takes 3 days for them to send you a wifi box, make sure you order it 3 days before you need it. This will make sure that your internet is set up and ready to go on time for you.

We have teamed up with to compare broadband to make sure you are getting the best deal.

Can I Save Money if i switch Broadband When Moving House?

It’s possible! The question of saving money on broadband during a move is undoubtedly on everyone’s mind. While it’s not guaranteed, there are several avenues to explore:

Bundle Services: Many providers offer discounts when you bundle broadband with other services such as TV and phone. This can be a cost-effective way to meet multiple needs with a single provider.

Special Offers: Keep an eye out for special promotions and offers from broadband providers. These can include reduced rates, free equipment, or additional services bundled with your broadband plan.

Consider Switching Providers: Depending on your new location, you might find that switching to a different broadband provider offers cost savings, especially if you’re moving to an area with more competitive pricing.

Negotiate with Your Current Provider: If you’re satisfied with your current provider but have found a better deal elsewhere, don’t hesitate to negotiate with them. They might be willing to match or even surpass the offer to retain your business.

Social Tariff Broadband: There may be subsidies available to reduce the cost of broadband services, particularly for low-income households. The scheme is supported by some of the big providers. It’s worth researching whether you qualify for such programs.

How to switch broadband

If your current broadband provider can’t offer coverage in your new home, you’ll need to find a new broadband provider. Here’s how:

Comparison websites: For a quick and convenient way to compare broadband deals, check out the likes of, CompareTheMarket, MoneySupermarket or the likes of

Go Direct: Contact broadband providers directly to see what deals they have.

Bank Account Deals: In some cases you may be able to get good deals via your bank as broadband providers may be offering special deals via your bank. It’s worth finding out!

Other Things To Do When Moving House

While switching broadband is an important task, there are several others to consider when moving house too. Here are some additional considerations:

Update Your Address: Ensure that you promptly notify your broadband provider and other essential services, such as the DVLA about your change of address to guarantee that bills and important communications reach you without any disruptions.

Review Your Insurance Policies: Take the time to review and update your car insurance and home insurance policies to reflect your new address. Changes in location can impact your insurance premiums.

Utilities Setup: Don’t forget to arrange for the transfer or setup of utilities such as gas, electricity, and water in your new home to ensure you have all the necessities in place.

Mail Forwarding: Utilise mail forwarding services to redirect any mail or packages sent to your previous address to your new one. This will help ensure you receive all important correspondence.

Take a look at our free moving house checklist for more details.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, switching broadband when moving house is a critical step in maintaining your digital connectivity during a significant life transition. By following the practical steps outlined in this guide and exploring potential avenues for cost savings, you can streamline the process and ensure uninterrupted internet access in your new home.

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