Changing nature of housing allocations

There is a lot of change afoot in the Social Housing sector. Also, you will find that Housing Associations have different agreements when it comes to their housing options allocations policies.

Allocation agreements vary for Choice Based Lettings Schemes

Some Housing Associations and ALMOs still have a 100% allocation agreement via a Choice Based Lettings (CBL) Scheme. This is a bidding system where properties are allocated according to need. This need will be determined based on an application process.

Using alternative marketing engines to promote homes outside of the CBL Schemes

You will also find that there are other Registered Social Landlords who may have a mixed allocation agreement. So, for example, it could be 75% of available now homes go via the CBL Scheme with the remaining 25% allowed to be marketed via alternative means. So this could include using other portals including the likes of ours to promote your available homes.


It is clear that there are going to be more changes to the way Housing Associations market and promote their available homes. Some still do all their allocations solely via CBL Schemes whilst others have moved towards a split model. In some cases there are providers who have now opted to fully market their homes outside of these housing options schemes.

Flexibility to list both CBL Scheme properties as well as homes outside of these allocations policies

As an affordable homes portal we offer the ability to list available properties which are part of a nominated CBL Scheme as well as those Housing Associations wish to advertise outside of their housing options allocation agreements. Offering an exclusive platform for Registered Social Landlords, as we do, gives added flexibility for both Housing Associations and Choice Based Lettings Schemes.

Having all these available homes in one place makes it much easier for the end users to find affordable homes they are looking for whether they are renting or considering their first steps on the property ladder via Shared Ownership.

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