Marketing independent living accommodation and sheltered housing

A question we get asked quite a lot is how to market independent living accommodation and sheltered housing. So what is the best marketing strategy to adopt?

Target market for independent living accommodation and sheltered housing

independent livingYou may think that your target audience for these properties is those over the age of 55. Whilst these are the people you are looking to attact to your independent living accommodation, you also need to be targeting the family and close friends of these people. Why? Well it is likely that when it comes to the likes of sheltered housing and independent living it will be down to other members of the family to search for these properties. This may not always be the case, but it is likely they will have some sort of input in the search.

Ways to market your independent living accommodation or sheltered housing

Your assumption may be that older people don’t use the internet. Well, you are wrong. According to digital marketing specialist iProspect internet usage for the over 5os is pretty much the same as those aged between 30 and 49. That’s not to say you should just focus on an internet marketing strategy for these properties. It is worthwhile testing other areas including leaflet drops, newspaper adverts and other forms of below the line promotion.

Branding shift towards independent living

What is noticeable is an increasing shift in branding. There appears to be a movement away from the term ‘sheltered housing’ and a shift towards ‘independent living’. So perhaps it’s a case of rebranding these properties which is something other Housing Associations have been doing.

Like all marketing strategies it’s important you are clear on your branding. What does your brand stand for and what are its objectives. Once you are clear then you can look at the different elements of the marketing mix to execute your strategy. As long as you have clear ways of tracking the different marketing approaches you will use it will give you a great insight on how best to market your independent living accommodation.

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