It’s inevitable that you will still get enquiries for your properties 24/7. So it is important to have an out of office auto responder to manage prospective tenants’ expectations.

out of office auto responder

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Ensure your out of office auto responder says when you are available to deal with enquiries

If you list your properties on your own website as well as various portals remember that these can be accessed at any time. Therefore, property enquiries can also reach your inbox at any time of day too. So if you aren’t available at weekends either state it in your advert, or ensure your out of office auto responder carries this information.From a customer experience point of view there is nothing more frustrating than applying for a property and not to hear anything back. At the very least your out of office auto responder can acknowledge receipt of the enquiry. This way the prospective tenants expectations have been managed. They know you have received the enquiry and will be back in touch with them again soon.

Manage your prospective tenants’ expectations

It all comes down to customer service. The more information you can give prospective tenants the better. So if you are a housing association, letting agent or private landlord let them know when you are available to deal with enquiries. Also provide various channels of communication available to them. So this could be via email, telephone or even social media. Different people will prefer different communication channels. Your out of office auto responder can also carry this information. It just helps to get the message across about when you are available and the various channels of communication that are available to any would be tenant.Your out of office auto responder can be a useful tool that can help to manage prospective tenants’ expectations. So use it wisely and to your advantage.