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Housing Associations: You can’t afford to miss this

Sales teams, how annoying is it when you are contacted constantly to advertise social housing and affordable homes properties on various different online platforms? Very, we hear you say. Firstly, you may be advertising on one platform and this may have already taken time and effort to set up. If you add another advertising portal now, you are likely to cause havoc with an already busy admin team who have to re post the adverts and content. Is that right?

Well, after hearing this feedback and considering how housing associations can benefit from multi platform advertising without the extra work – there is a revelation.

Advertise on more than one site, but only upload properties once!

Consider this scenario. You may have an active account with one mainstream property site, let’s call them Site A, you have received a competitive offer to advertise with another site (Site B) and you want to give it a try. What if you could accept the competitive quote and Site B simply imported all the content from Site A? There would be no extra charge as the price would be built into the competitive quote you received. And no extra work for your teams.

Sounds too good to be true?

Well it’s not. Having listened to feedback from our customers we understand that ‘time is money’. We also understand that many customers do not want to leave the comfort of ‘Rightmove’ which is one of the most visible property platforms on the net. The only issue being that whilst they offer great visibility, they are not specialists in social housing.

MovingSoon have been social housing specialists since 2013 and this is the basis of our business. However, while we are competitive in our sector and have reached over 1 million views already, we are not Rightmove. So if you already have an account with Rightmove, you can sign up to us in parallel. This would double your exposure with advertising on the industry leader as well as the specialised social housing advertiser MovingSoon. It might just prove a winning formula.

Sign up today for your Rightmove data feed integration

MovingSoon offer all new housing associations a free trial for their listings. So you can see for yourself how easy it is to list your MovingSoon properties on Rightmove. If you would like to hear more about the Rightmove data feed integration please register online or contact us.

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