Why content marketing is important for Housing Associations

So why is content marketing so important for Housing Associations? Simply, you are competing for new tenants alongside private landlords. You need to embrace content marketing as part of your business to attract new tenants for your available properties.

What is content marketing for housing associations?

Content MarketingContent marketing for housing associations has the ultimate objective of reducing voids, minimising rent losses and increasing revenue. To get to this point you need to ensure your marketing and business processes are geared up for this.

So the marketing element is to create and distribute valuable and relevant content to attract, engage and acquire new tenants for your properties. The business process side of things is to ensure content marketing is embedded in your day to day operation.

Using content marketing to update prospective tenants

So you think you can just post a property advert and get a tenant? Wrong! There is so much choice available now. Don’t forget those who are in employment tend to start to look for properties being advertised either by letting agents or private landlords. Now you are in this space competing for new tenants you need to get the message across that these people can actually rent property through you.

Over 80% of people begin their search for a property online. So it’s not only your property advert that matters, but also you online content marketing strategy!

Why would employed people seek a housing association property to rent?

Most of them probably aren’t aware they can rent properties through you! So you need to do some work on your image and brand awareness. So how can you do that? With content marketing! You can keep them updated on the good things you are doing with your property. So this could be refurbishments, new eco-boilers or state of the art CCTV cameras. These are all good selling points for prospective tenants.

You also need to be clear that anyone is available to apply for your homes providing they match your criteria. So this is the important bit, if your homes are available for rent by employed people state this in your advert and your content marketing posts!

Content marketing is a valuable tool

Content marketing when correctly implemented and executed can be an extremely valuable tool. It may also be the difference between getting new tenants or not.

If you are a housing association and would like to know how we can help you to benefit from a content marketing strategy get in touch with us to find out more.

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