You could save money renting from a Housing Association

So where do you start when looking for a property to rent? Local Estate Agents or Letting Agents? Or perhaps you just go straight to Rightmove or Zoopla.

Finding a housing association home

Many working people in low paid employment still aren’t aware of the opportunities they can get by renting a home from a Housing Association and saving money. Yes, that’s what I said, a Housing Association. Surely their properties are only to those those most in need? Yes, they cater for people who aren’t in work. However, they also have properties available for working people as well. Depending on the organisation they will have houses available for different criteria.

Social Rent, Affordable Rent and Market Rent explained

Typically, they will all offer Social Rent properties which are available for those most in need and are usually made available via a Choice Based Lettings Scheme. This is where there you bid for properties as and when they become available.

However, you can find opportunities to go for some of their Affordable Rent properties which are typically priced at 80% of the market rent. So, for example, if a home is available for rent in the private sector (Private Landlord or via an Agent) for £500 per month, an affordable rental alternative would be £400 per month. So that would be a £100 saving on your monthly rent. Great news if you are saving money for your deposit on your first home!

Like anything, this is all dependent on whether there are such schemes available in your chosen location. It does you no harm to do your research and look though! You may also find further savings when renting Housing Association properties whereby you may not need a deposit or pay admin fees.


Some of these organisations are now offering Market Rent properties, so these are ones that are comparable with those being offered by Private Landlords or Letting Agents.

Housing Associations are regulated and could save you money

Housing Associations are regulated by the Homes and Communities Agency which is another plus as they will want to make sure they are serving their customers (you) well. Whilst they may have started out getting stock transfers of Council houses, there has been a lot of change since then.

As public facing organisations they have to report on how well they are doing. Many of their values focus around having a great community as well as playing a major part in building brand new affordable homes.

So next time you are looking for rental property, why not see what Housing Associations can offer you. Not only could you save money, but you may also find yourself saving a good chunk of money. Not bad if you are aspiring to get your own home.

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