History of Sheltered Housing

Sheltered or retirement housing was introduced in the mid-twentieth century [1]. It is aimed at those who are 55 and older or with special needs. These properties can be rented or bought. They usually consist of a group of bungalows or self-contained flats that includes various facilities and amenities. [2]

Sheltered housing has many benefits for those interested in keeping their independence while receiving support. One being the property is easier to manage due to its smaller size. Further advantages consist of help in an emergency situation and the ability to participate in social activities with the other residents. Activities such as gardening which helps to alleviate loneliness. However, there are disadvantages to this housing such as possible limited options available in some areas across the country. Or you may be added to a waiting list to acquire a property. [3]

So there is a quick overview on the history of sheltered housing. Start your search for sheltered housing properties today.


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