Why is Brighton so popular for Over 55s as a place to live?

According to our data, over 55s properties to rent in Brighton are sought after. So, why is that?

We have gathered data from MovingSoon that shows that over 55s are looking for rental properties in Brighton making it a key retirement hotspot among our users. There has been a 50% increase in those looking for over 55s properties to rent in Brighton. This is an anomaly in our Rental data and it highlights how popular Brighton is with the over 55s.

Key location searches for over 55s properties to rent

We have also taken a look at our data around the over 55s listings on our site and have found some interesting information around other location searches as you can see in the table below.

Source: MovingSoon 2021

The results above show the most viewed locations by the age group 55-64 year olds. It is evident that areas with the most demand tend to have the largest supply of homes on our website.

The most viewed county for over 55 properties was Merseyside. As we can see in the table, this is also the place with the most listings for such properties on our site

What are over 55s properties?

Over 55 housing is often known as retirement living, retirement housing or even sheltered housing. It is not only housing associations who offer Over 55 housing schemes. You will also find that there are a lot of specialist companies and developers who cater for these homes. There can also be over 55 properties that offer more support and medical care and these are known as assisted living or sheltered housing. These often have wardens and can have nurses on site.

Over 55s rent

There are lots of properties on our site which are available to rent for the over 55s. There may be an eligibility criteria which you have to meet in order to get these properties. These usually have a service charge as they are part of a development and have communal areas. These are great for people who want to feel like part of a community and be surrounded by people of the same age.

Over 55s Shared Ownership

Many of the over 55 properties on MovingSoon are Older Persons Shared Ownership.

Typically you need to be over 55 years of age to apply for these retirement housing schemes. However, there may be some properties that are available below this age limit. It is best to check with the housing association provider who is advertising these homes.

It is important to understand how this older persons shared ownership differs from the other retirement housing options available. This is a part buy part rent model and you can only own up to 75% of the property. The other options are to rent or buy a retirement property.  Whilst this part buy part rent retirement housing could be an attractive option, it is important to point out that you will still need to be aware of other costs associated with moving into an older persons shared ownership property. These will include shared ownership solicitors fees, surveyor valuation fees as well as removals costs.

Seeking Over 55s properties in Brighton, what is there to do?

Seaside towns are often popular for people looking to retire, with Brighton being no different. Brighton is a seaside town in West Sussex with great links to London. However, there are great things to do in Brighton without having to travel anywhere.

Brighton and Hove have a coastline spanning 13km with shingle beaches across it. There are bars and restaurants spread across this seafront promenade making it a perfect place to sit and have some food and drink on the seafront.

Brighton has a mix of trails for you to walk, whether that be across the seafront, farmland or cliffs. The 5 top walks in Brighton include The Brighton Coastal path; where you can look across the marina and out at sea. One of the most popular walks is the ‘Undercliff walk’ which includes beach vistas, white cliffs and places to stop off for refreshments.

If looking at culture and history is important to you, then retiring in Brighton could be the place for you. You could visit the Royal Pavillion or the multitude of museums the Brighton has to offer.

Is living in Brighton expensive?

Living in Brighton as an average is more expensive than other seaside towns, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t find somewhere more affordable.

You can search for affordable properties to rent in Brighton on MovingSoon or also look for Over 55s Shared Ownership in Brighton.


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