Learn how we can help you to sell your shared ownership property

Since 2016 we’ve helped housing associations to sell their shared ownership homes. We also work with some specifically where they are selling pre owned shared ownership homes, commonly known as resales. 

We’re now extending the platform to enable private sellers to do the same.

i can't sell my shared ownership property, can you help?

Absolutely! We’ve made our website super easy to use. Also we differ from the major portals in that we have a dedicated search category for shared ownership. 

See for yourself where we rank for the likes of ‘pre owned shared ownership’ or ‘shared ownership resales’.

Do I have to advertise it privately?

Not at all. If your housing provider is already working with us as them to list it on our website for you. If they aren’t get in touch with us providing their contact information (a named contact please) and we can get in touch with them direct to see if they wish to advertise your home and others on our website.

Likewise if you are currently using an estate agent ask them to get in touch about using our website too.

The process

  1. Get in touch with us telling us which housing provider your shared ownership resale is with
  2. You can either list it independently or we can see if you would like the housing provider to advertise it for you on our website
  3. This is a highly competitively priced paid service and we can give you more details depending on which listing package you (or the housing provider) wants to go with
  4. Once agreed your profile is set up and the property uploaded
  5. It’s then live to generate leads

Still not sure?

Don’t take our word for it, see below to see what our clients say about us!

“They have delivered a personalised service to Stonewater Homes which has enabled us to facilitate our vendors’ sales of their homes quickly and at the maximum value, helping them to take the next step on the property ladder.”

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