Car insurance change address when moving house

Car insurance change address when moving house

So you’ve found an affordable home to move into. That’s great news! It doesn’t matter whether this affordable housing is for rent, a shared ownership property or an outright sale property.

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Update your address for car insurance

You still need to make sure that you have provided your new address details to your car insurance company and other organisations.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of moving house, don’t overlook a crucial task: how to change car insurance information.

Regardless of where you have moved to, informing your car insurance company and other relevant organisations about your new address is paramount.

If you haven’t already seen it, take a look at our moving house checklist to see what tasks you need to do. If you are moving house you will need to update your car insurance details.

Can I Save Money Changing Car Insurance When Moving House?

Absolutely! It’s worth exploring avenues to potentially reduce your car insurance expenses during your move. Here’s how:

Comparison Websites: Use the opportunity of moving to compare car insurance quotes from various providers. Different insurers may offer more favorable rates based on your new location.

Go Directly To Car Insurers: Some will only offer quotes direct. It’s well worthwhile doing this alongside comparison websites to check out the best deals.

Coverage Adjustment: Review your coverage and make adjustments based on your current needs. As we have mentioned above, it may be that you need to review what level of coverage you require.

Secure Parking: If possible, secure safe parking at your new residence. A secure parking space, such as a garage or driveway, can contribute to lower insurance costs.

Bundle Policies: Consider bundling your car insurance with other policies, such as home insurance, from the same provider. Many insurers now offer discounts for bundled coverage. 

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Why do I need to update my car insurance when moving house?

The original quote you got for your car insurance will have been based on you living at your current address. Moving house could affect the amount of premium you need to pay. It may go up, go down or remain the same. Not only that, but you can also invalidate your car insurance if you don’t notify your current insurer of the change.

It’s not only that you are moving, but also where you will keep the car. So whether it is parked on a driveway, on the road or in a garage will be priced in to your insurance premium.

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Does my car insurance premium go up when moving house?

Moving house could affect your car insurance. There is no guarantee that your car insurance premium will remain the same when you move house. It could remain the same, go up or down. You will need to let your current car insurance provider know when you move house.

There’s no guarantee that your car insurance premium will remain the same once you move. Let’s explore what factors can come into play:

Location Matters: The new area you’re relocating to can significantly impact your car insurance premium. Insurers consider statistics related to your location, and if it’s an area prone to accidents or vehicle theft, you might see an increase in your premium.

Parking Conditions: As mentioned earlier, where you park your car is a pivotal factor in your insurance premium calculation. Moving to a location where street parking is common, after having a secure garage at your previous address, can influence your premium. Likewise if it is the other way round, so you previously parked your car on the street, but now have access to off road parking, driveway or a garage.

Personal Factors: Your personal driving history and claim record still hold weight in determining your premium. Recent accidents or traffic incidents can result in an increase, regardless of your address change.

Coverage Level: When updating your car insurance, it’s a great opportunity to revisit your coverage. You might decide to adjust it based on your new circumstances, which can directly affect your premium.

Is It Just Changing Car Insurance That I Need To Do?

Here’s a comprehensive list of what you should be looking at:

Car Insurance: Notify your current car insurance provider about your change of address to maintain accurate and valid coverage.

Driving Licence: Ensure your driving licence carries your new address. It’s not just a good practice; it’s a legal requirement. 

V5 Log Book: This document holds vital information about your vehicle, including the registered keeper and address. Updating your V5 Log Book with your new address is crucial.

Car Tax: If you’re responsible for car tax payments, make sure your address is up-to-date to avoid any issues with your vehicle tax.

Finance Agreements: If you have any finance agreements associated with your car, such as a loan or lease, inform the finance company about your change of address. This ensures they have accurate records and can reach you when needed.

What Happens If I Don’t Update My Car Tax, V5 Log Book Or Car Insurance?

If you don’t update your car insurance, driving licence, v5 log book or vehicle car tax you may be liable for a fine and in some cases receive penalty points on your drivers licence.

What Other Things Do You Need To Update When Moving?

In addition to car insurance and its related matters, several other tasks and considerations should be on your moving house checklist:

Broadband: Update or change your broadband service provider if necessary to ensure you have internet connectivity in your new home. More importantly check that your current provider can actually provide access in your new home!

Home Insurance: Remember to update your home insurance when moving house. The policy will need to reflect your new address and any changes in property value or contents. It’s worthwhile checking to make sure you’re getting the best deal for home insurance at your new address.

DVLA: Notify the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) of your new address to maintain up to date driving records.

Utility Providers: Notify gas, water, and electricity companies about your change of address to ensure uninterrupted services where possible.

Postal Service: Set up mail redirection with Royal Mail to receive important documents and correspondence.

Take a look at our free moving house checklist for more details.

In Conclusion

Moving house is a monumental life event, and ensuring your car insurance and related details are up to date is a crucial part of the process.

Promptly notifying your car insurance provider and maintaining accuracy in all your vehicle-related documents can save you from potential complications, fines, and coverage issues.

Additionally, exploring the opportunities to save on car insurance and managing other aspects of your move will help make the transition to your new home smoother and more financially sound.

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