Refreshing Marketing Strategies & Plans for Housing Associations

Housing Associations should consider a regular refresh of their marketing strategies and plans. The landscape is constantly changing and so the marketing mix needs to reflect this.

Housing Associations should have clear marketing strategies to reduce their voids

It’s not just a case of getting your property advert listed across many of the portals and expecting the inquiries to flood in. In some cases if you have properties in sought after locations then this may suffice. However, this is a short term approach to marketing. What about areas that are up and coming. How do you get the message across about the work you have been doing on your properties and communities to make them better places to live? It’s not just a case of doing some press releases that will be published on your website and possibly local newspapers. You need to get your message across to a wider group of people.

A housing association marketing strategy should include content marketing and social media

So how do you attract more prospective tenants to know about what you do? Brand awareness and a steady stream of content marketing will help. Regular updates on your refurbishments and publishing feedback from happy tenants can certainly go a long way. We have mentioned it in previous blog posts, you need to tell more people about the good things you are doing. Getting the message across about eligibility for your housing developments is important. It also helps you to become more targeted in your approach. So marketing for one particular housing scheme may be completely different to another.

The need for flexibility within the marketing strategies and plans of Housing Associations

All housing associations need to have a flexible marketing strategy and plan to enable them to be more targeted for their rental properties. If there are hard to let properties you need to understand why this is the case and have a strategy in place to reducing your housing voids.

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